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Blue Earth County, Minnesota, Refuses Methadone Clinic

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police keep drugs under controlA company in Twin Cities recently proposed opening a methadone clinic in Mankato – population under 40,000, spread across three counties: Blue Earth, Nicollet, and Le Sueur – but Blue Earth County officials said no. Is the county depriving heroin and prescription painkiller addicts an opportunity to get off drugs? Not from the county’s viewpoint. In fact, county officials are worried that a methadone clinic could worsen the county’s drug problem. How could that happen? more…

Help Keep Your Kids off Drugs and Alcohol

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Recently, a group of New York high school students participated in a panel called Parent University. The primary purpose is to educate parents on teen use of drugs and alcohol so they can help their kids. The panel consists of two freshmen girls, two senior girls, and two senior guys as well as others from the community. more…

Drugs Can Ruin Someone’s Life – Even with Addiction Help

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One of the major things parents should worry about – next to their kids overdosing from drugs – is the possibility of prison. Being in prison, especially if you don’t get addiction help, sets you so far back in life you may never recover.

Doesn’t going to prison at least teach someone a lesson?

According to the number of people who wind up involved in a life of crime AFTER prison and go back there, no – there aren’t many lessons taught. Other than the tools of the criminal trade.

So, what does happen to prisoners? more…

Does Your City Influence Your Kids' Drinking Alcohol?

Posted under Alcohol, GHB, Nebraska, Nevada, Wisconsin, Young People

Whether or not your kids turn into drinkers is somewhat dependent on their environment. If your kids’ friends don’t drink, there’s a good chance your kids won’t either. The same applies to the town or city you live in. Is it big on alcohol? If so, your kids are going to have more temptation to more…

Get Addiction Help Now to Make Next Year’s Holidays Better

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It’s the day after Christmas. I’ll bet there are millions of people in the U.S. – and around the world – who wish they’d made sure that someone in their family had gotten addiction help before the holidays. Well, it’s not too late, and it’s never too early, to make it happen. I remember many more…

Get Addiction Help Now to Make Next Year's Holidays Better

Posted under Addiction Help, GHB

It’s the day after Christmas. I’ll bet there are millions of people in the U.S. – and around the world – who wish they’d made sure that someone in their family had gotten addiction help before the holidays. Well, it’s not too late, and it’s never too early, to make it happen. I remember many more…

Teachers Need Addiction Help Too – Don’t Let Your Kids Depend on Them

Posted under Adderall, Addiction Help, Alcohol, Drug Addiction, Drug Rehab, GHB, Heroin, Ritalin, Young People

You would think that schools would be a relatively safe place when it comes to drugs and alcohol. At the very least, you would expect that if you can educate and protect your kids from other kids who drink and take drugs, and sell them, you wouldn’t have much to worry about. And if you more…

Head Shop Selling Killer Chemicals – Get Addiction Help for Designer Drugs

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Addiction, Drug Rehab, GHB, LSD, Minnesota

I recently read a news item about a ‘head shop’ in Duluth, Minnesota. Head shops carry drug paraphernalia – incense, pipes, certain music, posters, and so on. The head shop in this story – called ‘Last Place on Earth’ – also carries ‘drugs’. In fact, they are not yet classified as drugs; the substances are more…

Are Your Kids Using Club Drugs? Find Out More About Them Now.

Posted under Addiction Help, Ecstasy, GHB, Ketamine, Rohypnol, Young People

Club drugs. Young people take them at clubs, parties, concerts, bars – anywhere groups of kids get together to have some fun. Sometimes they know they’re taking the drugs, and sometimes the drug was slipped into their drink without their knowledge or consent. Whether taken knowingly or not, club drugs can have disastrous consequences: Amnesia more…

Signs Of Alcoholism: Get Addiction Help

Posted under Addiction Help, GHB

Have you ever thought about whether you could be an “alcoholic”? Like when you hear about people who drive drunk or the neighbor down the street who had a few too many at the BBQ last weekend… Has it ever made you question your own habits with regard to alcohol consumption? There are a several more…

Not All Addiction Help Services Prepare Former Addicts for Life

Posted under Addiction Help, GHB

Recovery homes for drug addicts frequently come under attack – as is the Kramer Center in Newport Beach. In this case, it might be deserved: the center doesn’t even have a license. The administrator of the center says there’s a misunderstanding about what licenses are required. Perhaps – but someone running a facility like that more…

Taking Action To Prevent Drug Addiction In Your Kids

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Addiction, GHB, Prescription Drugs, Young People

Some parents think they can’t do anything about drugs in schools – and the dangers they pose for their own kids. But taking action can help. Here’s the story of a woman who made a phone call about drug use to a local school. Her suspicions were followed up on, a search was done, and 10 kids more…

Most People Don’t Admit They Need Addiction Help

Posted under Addiction Help, Alcohol, GHB, Intervention

One of the biggest barriers to overcoming alcohol and drug addiction and abuse is that most people don’t realize, or admit, they have a problem and, therefore, don’t try to get addiction help. In fact, the most recent research by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) showed that that’s the case with more…

Addiction Help In Mexico Could Reduce U.S. Drug Problem

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While those living in the U.S. may be primarily concerned with drug problems in our own country, what’s going on with our neighbors also affects us. If people in Mexico, for example, don’t get the addiction help they need, the production of drugs stays high to keep up with the demand and some (a lot!) more…

Getting Addiction Help for Someone Might Help You, Too

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In the middle of all the political campaigning, NPR set off on a road trip to find out who people’s real heroes are. In Kansas City, they came up with Dawn Mosley – a formerly homeless woman with a drug addiction problem who now has a home with neighbors she loves and takes care of when they need more…

Need for Addiction Help Hits the Suburbs

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Addiction, Drug Rehab, GHB, Prescription Drugs

The idea of women living in suburban neighborhoods becoming addicted to prescription drugs seems almost impossible. If you are well educated and smart, how do you become a drug addict? In Jaime’s case, it started with a series of illnesses, injuries and painkillers. Then she couldn’t get off them. Years later she was still an more…

Addiction Help for the Typical Methamphetamine User

Posted under Addiction Help, Arizona, Drug Addiction, GHB, Methamphetamine, Nevada, Prescription Drugs

Mothers, brothers, friends or neighbors need addiction help because of meth abuse. You can’t put meth users into categories, there is no typical methamphetamine user – they come in all size, shapes, backgrounds and ages. In Idaho children as young as 10 have used meth. And by age 18, 15% of the population has tried more…

Drug Rehab Is Inevitable: Find a Way to Help

Posted under Drug Rehab, GHB

Many communities object to having drug rehab centers, halfway houses – anything to do with drug or alcohol treatment, actually – in their neighborhood. In just the last two days I’ve read news articles about public concern over treatment centers in Arizona, Oregon, and California. Three states that are in serious need of drug rehab more…

If Drug Rehab Facilities Are Proposed For Your Town, Will You Vote For Or Against?

Posted under Drug Rehab, GHB

Have you ever heard of NIMBY? It stands for “Not In My Back Yard” and that’s exactly the feeling of many people who don’t want drug treatment facilities in their community. The facilities usually protested are drug rehab centers, half way houses and transitional homes where many former addicts go to change their lives. A more…

Club Drugs and the Rave Scene

Posted under Ecstasy, GHB, Hallucinogen, Ketamine, Rohypnol

Over the last several years there have been emerging problems with the abuse of club drugs and the damaging effects caused as a result. In fact, incidents of the abuse and the fatal effects of these drugs are in the news increasingly. These types of drugs include MDMA or Ecstasy, Rohypnol, and GHB. All these more…

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