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Crystal Meth

Meth Ruins a Family – Drug Addiction Treatment Saves It

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happy sober womanMethamphetamine isn’t easy to kick, but thanks to an 18-month program through Minnesota’s Morrison County Drug Court program, Missy Strack is clean and living a whole new life! Here’s how she finally did it. more…

Crystal Meth: Not for Weight Loss!

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We just read a story in the news that reported a REALLY strange and depressing statistic. Something like 30 percent of female meth addicts are risking their lives, physically and even legally, by abusing one of the worst illegal drugs ever invented to achieve something called “body image”.

The study that revealed that information, from the Burnet Institute of Medical Research in Australia, found that weight loss is a key factor in abusing meth. Meanwhile, a Canadian addiction specialist has found the same situation in Western Canada. He says 30 percent of the female meth abusers he sees in Vancouver are using it to control their weight. more…

Get Meth Users into a Meth Rehab Center ASAP

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I read an article this morning about meth lab busts in ‘Miami County.’ When I first saw the headline I read ‘Miami,’ but didn’t really notice the ‘County.’ I then discovered they were talking about Miami County, Indiana! Big surprise. An even bigger surprise was the number of meth lab busts in Indiana – 1,059 in 2008.  more…

Find Addiction Help for “Strawberry Quick” Methamphetamines

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Marketing flavored crystal methamphetamines to our youth is one of the gimmicks Mexican drug trafficking organizations have come up with. The newest flavor, ‘Strawberry Quick’, is attracting a younger and younger crowd – many of whom will eventually be looking for addiction help. “Meth is the most serious addictive drug I have ever seen, and more…