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Legal Issues

Too Few of Wisconsin’s Addicted Nurses Getting Treatment

Posted under Legal Issues, Treatment, Wisconsin

You would think that people who are trained in the medical field – doctors, nurses, technicians, and so on – would have a greater understanding than the man on the street of the dangers of prescription drugs. But some studies show that the number of addicts in the medical profession is roughly the same as in the general public. Many states offer addiction treatment for healthcare workers, but in Wisconsin, along with some other states, not many addicts are trying to get treatment. And it’s causing dangerous situations with patients. more…

Police in Broome County, NY, Offer Hope and Help to Addicts

Posted under Drug Addiction, Legal Issues, New York, Treatment

Every time I see Broome County police help addictsanother city or county police department offering help to addicts instead of wanting to lock them up, I get excited. Here’s the latest – the Broome County, New York, Police Department is following in the footsteps of police in Gloucester, Mass, by offering to get any drug user directly into a treatment program without being arrested or prosecuted. more…

Unique Program Helps Student Athletes Stay off Drugs

Posted under Alcohol, Legal Issues, Nebraska, Prescription Drugs

Young student athletes are particularly susceptible to drug and alcohol use. In some schools, alcohol is very much a part of the athletic scene. And kids often get involved in drugs both because they’re popular and tend to have drugs offered to them, and because they can get hooked on drugs when they’re given prescriptions more…

Wisconsin’s VanderMeer Cracks Down on Prescription Drug Addiction

Posted under Drug Rehab, Legal Issues, Prescription Drugs, Wisconsin

Nancy VanderMeerWhen Nancy VanderMeer assumed her post as Republican State Rep of Wisconsin’s 30th District, she found out quickly that prescription drug addiction was a big problem in her state. And she took immediate action proposing and getting bills passed that could help the situation get under control.

The changes made by the bills are impressive. more…

Maine’s Drug Law Changes Won’t Help Addicts Quickly Enough

Posted under Addiction Help, Buprenorphine, Heroin, Legal Issues, Maine, Treatment

injecting heroinMaine has had serious drug addiction problems. They’re currently calling heroin addiction an epidemic, and overdoses are skyrocketing. Political leaders – who’ve taken a long time to pass any legislation on this, largely due to the left and right not playing nice – have finally proposed a bill that requires several changes and additions to the State’s drug treatment and prevention resources. But although locals are happy that something is being done, they’re disappointed that many of the changes are long-term. Addicts need help right now. more…

Why Drugs Are A Worse Idea In Oklahoma Than in Other States

Posted under Cocaine, Legal Issues, Methamphetamine, Oklahoma

prisonerNative Americans – the largest population of any state other than California – and with about 20 big name country music stars including Blake Shelton, Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks and Carrie Underwood. But there’s another aspect of Oklahoma which might be part of the inspiration for all those sad country song lyrics – the largest per capita prison population in the U.S. and with more than 50 percent in prison for drugs. Why are these numbers so much higher than in other parts of the U.S.? more…

There is Life After Heroin – Thanks to Drug Addiction Rehab

Posted under Heroin, Legal Issues, New York, Treatment

drug rehab works!Drug Court-assigned drug addiction rehabilitation isn’t always successful, but when it works, it works.

On December 13, 2013, James L. Dolson, was arrested in Niagara Falls for selling heroin. He was caught when selling it from his car – the buyer was a police informant. more…

Maine Suffering from Lack of Drug Addiction Treatment

Posted under Legal Issues, Maine, OxyContin, Painkillers, Treatment, Washington

looking for addiction help?Maine is facing a serious problem with heroin and prescription drug addiction. According to Mary Mayhew, commissioner of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, “99 percent of adults age 26 or older [in 2013] who needed addiction treatment for illicit drug use were able to receive it.” However, Dr. Gust Stringos, D.O., who works at Somerset Primary Care, has practiced medicine in Somerset County for the last 25 years, and is now working directly with many addicts, says he is astounded by that statement. more…

Ohio Rejects Legal Marijuana

Posted under Legal Issues, Marijuana, Ohio, THC, Young People

Girl Smoking marijuanaA bill to make medical and recreational marijuana legal was just rejected in Ohio, but it’s hard to say exactly why. Are the residents of Ohio actually against legalizing marijuana, or did they just object to the bill limiting who could grow it? One way or another, Ohio residents are lucky. more…

Coerced Drug Addiction Treatment – Is It Right?

Posted under Heroin, Legal Issues, Massachusetts, Painkillers, Prescription Drugs, Treatment

drug overdose in the ERIn most states, an addict who’s overdosed or experienced some other mishap that lands them in the ER is treated and then sent back out into the life that nearly killed them. They often wind up back in the ER and, of course, some of them don’t even make it to the ER the next time. They just die. In Massachusetts, more than 1,200 people died from overdoses of heroin or prescription painkillers last year and Governor Charlie Baker is filing a bill this week that will give hospitals the right to hold addicts who come to the ER for 72 hours so the doctors can assess their condition and determine whether they should be forced to get treatment. more…

Jail Isn’t the Answer, But Does That Make Being Stoned Okay?

Posted under Colorado, Legal Issues, Marijuana, THC

Colorado’s first annual report on marijuana shows the state sold 4.8 million edible marijuana products—some for medical use, and some for recreation. Nearly enough for one for every person in the state. Oh, wait, more than 2.25 million of Colorado’s 5+ million people are under 21 and can’t legally buy the stuff. So, that means there were enough edible marijuana products for everyone to have two!

And when you consider that only 67 of Colorado’s 321 jurisdictions opted in to allowing retail or medical sales of marijuana, that decreases the number even further. So … let’s just say that quite a few people in Colorado got stoned last year. more…

The Legal Consequences of Being Involved with Drugs

Posted under Legal Issues

People who take drugs often wind up in legal trouble. So not only do they have to deal with the consequences of being addicted to or abusing drugs, they can also waste years of their life in prison. I was recently speaking with a person who helps people find addiction help about crime and drugs. He said that the majority of the thousands of people he has helped have also had legal problems related to their drug use.

What can we expect? more…

To Drug Test or Not To Drug Test, That Is The Question!

Posted under Drug Addiction, Legal Issues

Do you have children? If you don’t, you surely have friends or family members with kids. What do you do if you suspect that they’re using drugs? Do you let it slide and hope it’s nothing, or that it will just go away? Bad idea! There are so many kids, even young children, getting involved more…

Drug Courts Offer Addicts One Last Chance at Rehab

Posted under Drug Addiction, Drug Rehab, Legal Issues, Massachusetts

1,200 Massachusetts drug offenders are currently enrolled in the special “drug court” sessions where defendants are given one last chance: Commit to drug addiction treatment — and to intense supervision — and you’ll stay out of jail. Started in the 1990s, it is a program with a demonstrated record of success — addicts who participate more…

California’s Proposition 36 – Are we setting people up for failure by sending them to drug rehab programs with low success rates?

Posted under California, Legal Issues

Under the state of California’s Proposition 36, anyone convicted of drug possession has three chances to complete a drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation program before they are sent to prison to serve time for their offenses. According to a recent article released by the San Francisco Chronicle, an assessment of California’s Proposition 36 has just been more…

Should prescription drug monitoring programs be available in all states?

Posted under Addiction Information by State, Legal Issues

On Monday the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy released figures on prescription drug abuse in New Jersey. National studies have shown that 3% of residents have abused prescription drugs in the past year with 6% of those in the 18-25 age bracket reporting misusing prescription drugs. Those numbers are even higher in more…

Is the UK Ranking System for Drugs Any Good?

Posted under Drug Addiction, GHB, Hallucinogen, Legal Issues, LSD

Earlier we discussed the notion that LSD and other hallucinogens were possibly the most harmful drugs, simply for what they do to a person’s mind. Well, a new ranking system of drugs has been recommended and was recently printed in The Lancet medical journal in the UK. This new system devised harm scores for drugs, more…

Sleep Driving and new warning labels

Posted under Intervention, Legal Issues, Treatment

Earlier in the week we talked about the issue of driving under the influence of other drugs besides alcohol. One of the cautionary points included sleeping medication – sedative drugs such as Ambien, Restoril and Lunesta. Just a couple of days ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requested that all manufacturers of these more…

Workplace Drug Testing

Posted under Drug Addiction, Legal Issues

More and more companies are starting to set up drug-free workplace programs. Encouraged by the U.S. Department of Labor, businesses that have such a program in place can get incentives such as discounts on their workers’ compensation insurance. In a few states, like Georgia, law mandates the reward percentage. In others, it is up to more…

"Do not operate heavy machinery", like a car?

Posted under Legal Issues

Driving under the influence of alcohol or another drug is actually more of an issue than most people recognize. Sure, there are groups against drunk driving, such as MADD, which help bring to light some of the issues. While alcohol is the main culprit, being easily available and readily served, it is not the only more…

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