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More Prescriptions Given to Addicts as Alternative to Real Drug Rehab

Posted under Drug Rehab, Prescription Drugs

According to a recent article, NIDA (National Institute on Drug Addiction) is set to begin a study through New York University’s Medical Center that would provide those addicted to prescription pain pills, more pills to “wean” them off the drugs. This is a similar concept that the methadone maintenance programs use to wean people off more…

“Addiction” series on HBO stirring controversy

Posted under Drug Addiction, Drug Rehab, Treatment, Young People

A new documentary series on HBO that has been airing in recent weeks has been creating buzz about the use of medications in the treatment of drug abuse. As we announced a few months ago, this show is actually 9 short films by various directors and many are promoting the use of medications as a more…

Required Drug Rehab

Posted under Drug Rehab

Presently, the Russian government is considering passing a bill that would require all child drug addicts to get into treatment. The bill would require all children under the age of 16 to attend treatment after going through a judicial procedure. Parents’ consent would be required for those legally living with parents but for all other more…

When is detox necessary versus drug rehab?

Posted under Benzodiazepines, Drug Detox, Drug Rehab, Prescription Drugs, Valium

Most people’s definition of detoxification is simply just withdrawing from the drug. In most cases, a medically-supervised withdrawal is not necessary, especially with most stimulants and even painkillers and heroin, although it is often preferred with the latter two. Even though a common aide is to have someone ‘sleep it off,’ alcohol and some other more…

Drug Rehab – Inpatient or Outpatient?

Posted under Drug Rehab

For the millions of people struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction there can be lots of questions and not many answers. We have seen that for many, completing any type of treatment is not usually an option until the addiction has gotten so out of control that many things in the addict’s life are destroyed more…

Rehabilitation Instead of Incarceration

Posted under Drug Rehab, Legal Issues

Originally posted on Monday, February 5, 2007 Pendulums are supposed to swing back and forth, and on the issue of rehabilitating non-violent drug offenders instead of locking them up, that swing sometimes is a political one. In the past, Conservatives have been heavier on law enforcement and punishment while Liberals have offered a lot of more…

Health Insurance and Drug Rehabilitation

Posted under Drug Rehab, Legal Issues

Originally posted on Monday, February 5, 2007 As if health insurance plans weren’t difficult enough to understand, with in-network and out-of-network benefits, co-pays, deductibles and lifetime maximums, the area of substance abuse is especially varied. People looking for quality drug addiction treatment centers who do have insurance often assume that their coverage is good for more…

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