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Are drug dependence and addiction the same?

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Addiction

The short answer is probably no, but there is a longer explanation. Drug addiction is often characterized as compulsive, drug seeking behavior due to physical and/or mental dependency on a drug, despite knowingly causing damage to oneself and others regardless of consequence. Someone who is drug dependent may not exhibit the compulsive drug-seeking and may more…

Do "Non-addictive" Drugs Really Exist?

Posted under Drug Addiction, LSD, Morphine, Ultram

There are many drugs in existence today, both legal and illegal, that are called “non-addictive.” In fact, pharmaceutical companies have come out with “non-narcotic” forms of pain relief like Ultram and Ambien that are “safe if used as directed and non-addictive” yet the incidents of people becoming addicted to these drugs continues to increase. This more…

Is the UK Ranking System for Drugs Any Good?

Posted under Drug Addiction, GHB, Hallucinogen, Legal Issues, LSD

Earlier we discussed the notion that LSD and other hallucinogens were possibly the most harmful drugs, simply for what they do to a person’s mind. Well, a new ranking system of drugs has been recommended and was recently printed in The Lancet medical journal in the UK. This new system devised harm scores for drugs, more…

Is there a certain type of person who does drugs?

Posted under Drug Addiction, Intervention, Maine, Treatment

Despite any stereotypes about drug users, there is no definite outline of an addict. There is not a single gene that defines one, or a certain family background, favorite food or economic status either. It’s not like only the rich can afford to use drugs or only the poor use certain type of drugs. It more…

Workplace Drug Testing

Posted under Drug Addiction, Legal Issues

More and more companies are starting to set up drug-free workplace programs. Encouraged by the U.S. Department of Labor, businesses that have such a program in place can get incentives such as discounts on their workers’ compensation insurance. In a few states, like Georgia, law mandates the reward percentage. In others, it is up to more…

What should you do with your prescription drugs, old and current?

Posted under Drug Addiction, Prescription Drugs, Specific Drugs

In case you haven’t heard, prescription drugs are considered the fastest rising drug abuse threat in our society. This is true from teenagers and young adults all the way through the baby boomer generation. So where are all of these prescriptions coming from and how are young people getting them? According to the Partnership for more…

HBO new series "Addiction"

Posted under Drug Addiction

Three titans in the addiction treatment, prevention and recovery fields have teamed up to promote a new series called “Addiction” coming soon to HBO. Collectively, Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA), Faces & Voices of Recovery and Join Together have formed a partnership to draw national attention to improve access to treatment and increase support more…

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