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Get Addiction Help ASAP for New Designer Drug ‘Cloud 9’

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Rehab, Ecstasy, Hallucinogen, Stimulants, Wyoming

There’s a new, nasty, so-called ‘designer drug’ in town. It’s known as Cloud 9, or C-9. Why it’s called Cloud 9 is beyond me – because the effects of it are anything but what we would normally think of when someone says they’re ‘on Cloud 9.’ It’s dangerous, addictive and deadly, and anyone using it more…

Offer Drug Education and Addiction Help Before the ER Visit

Posted under Addiction Help, Wyoming

A new program in Cheyenne, Wyoming, is attempting to educate people on the dangers of substance abuse before it becomes a problem. One of their methods is to survey people who come into hospital emergency rooms for heart palpitations and other conditions that are symptoms of drug abuse. They’re focus is to let people know more…

Drug Rehab Kids Get Beaten By Kids in Prison Facility

Posted under Drug Rehab, Wyoming

The Wardle Academy, a center in Cheyenne, Wyoming that provides both prison facilities and substance abuse treatment for young people, has recently had a rash of incidents where the kids in jail have beat up the kids in drug treatment. As a result, the state has removed about 2 dozen kids to other drug treatment more…