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Christians Not Immune to Addiction and Need Help

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Last week Joseph Habedank, award-winning Christian singer disclosed that he had been addicted to prescription drugs for five years. Now he’s received the addiction help he needed and is dedicating himself to helping others in what he calls the prescription drug addiction epidemic in the church. What’s that all about?? more…

Successful Addiction Help Takes Motivation

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When a person has a problem with drugs or alcohol they’re sometimes not motivated to do anything about it. Despite the fact that they may be temporarily numbed to the issues that drove them to addiction in the first place, those issues are still there. They couldn’t cope with them before, so what reason do more…

Addiction Help Services from New Group in Utah

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A new group is forming to help Utah residents with prescription drug problems. The group is headed up by Kye Nordfelt, of Utah’s Division of Substance Abuse and, so far, includes about 25 people – everyone from PTA members to health care workers and police. They all want to provide addiction help.   One of the more…

Addiction Help for Mormons Not Likely If They Won't Talk About It

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Even though Florida is called the pill capital of the U.S., there are other States in just as much trouble. Utah is one of them, and that’s the subject of Ron Williams’ movie, Happy Valley. Williams is now travelling around Utah in the hopes of educating people about  prescription drug addiction so they will get more…

Addiction Help Grant Received for Utah High School Athletes

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“We know alcohol and drug abuse is high nationwide, Utah’s numbers are high and Granite District matches both of those numbers” says Martin Bates, interim assistant superintendent of Granite School District’s program services. Granite just received a $1.2 million grant to educate athletes about drug abuse, and to test them. Those who test positive for more…

Utah Highest in Nation for Prescription Drug Abuse

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Among prescription drugs that are commonly abused, painkillers lead the category. As with other drugs, the usage varies from age range as well as by state. According to an article by the Associated Press (AP), a federal study of painkiller abuse found that Utah led the nation in 2004 and 2005. The study was released more…