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New Hampshire

New Involuntary Commitment Laws Threaten Drug Users

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While many states have had laws in place for some time that allow short term involuntary commitment of drug users, the time they can be held against their will is generally limited. But the laws are getting more stringent and the time allowed for commitment longer and longer. Many people will also find themselves spending that time in private prisons that are hurting for customers. more…

New Hampshire Trying to Get Another ‘Recovery Center’. Will It Help?

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In the Lakes Region of Laconia, New Hampshire, they’re hurting for beds for drug treatment. That’s nothing new – it’s a problem for every city and state in the U.S. In the Lakes Region, when an addict wants help, there’s no bed available for them for three to six weeks. Officials in Laconia are planning to open a new ‘recovery center’ that will help people get through the three to six weeks staying off drugs and still interested in going to rehab.  I think it’s a great idea, and no doubt it will help some people. But it’s just another band aid. How could the problem be better addressed? By reducing the relapse rates.


Christie Renews His Commitment to Helping New Jersey Addicts

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Just before Christmas, Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, stepped up to yet another podium to renew his promises to help people with the ‘disease’ of addiction. Christie generates a lot of controversy at times, and more so lately than ever. But this is one endeavor in which he always seems to win the hearts of the people – especially recovering addicts and people who have lost their spouse, their children, or other family members and friends to addiction. How available is addiction help in New Jersey? And what has Christie contributed to putting those resources in place? more…

No More Insurance Delays for New Hampshire Drug Rehab

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heroin addictIn Concord, New Hampshire, the number of people expected to die from heroin and opioid overdoses – which includes overdoses of heroin, fentanyl, Opana, prescription painkillers like OxyContin, hydrocodone, oxycodone, vicodin, and so on – is expected to be over 400 by the end of 2015, which is twice the number of overdose deaths in 2013. But a panel of New Hampshire lawmakers is taking steps to make it easier to get treatment. more…

Addiction Help Needed for Methadone Abuse Trend

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Kay Sanford of the North Carolina Depatment of Health said “methadone may be the most underrated problem in drug abuse in the country today.” And the need for addiction help services for methadone abuse is more prevalent then ever. OxyContin is so dangerous that many doctors have started prescribing methadone as an alternative painkiller. But more…

Will Addiction Help Ever Come from Purdue Execs?

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Laconia, New Hampshire, where eight people died last year from methadone, is playing hardball. The man who sold the methadone to one of the victims has been sentenced to a minimum of 15 years – which could turn into 40. He will be able to get out after 10 years if he gets addiction help through a more…

The Need for Addiction Help Boosted by Internet Pharmacies

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Diane Finch from New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR) has written an important piece about prescription drug dealing. 36 online pharmacies sold 100 million prescriptions in 2006. The main drugs sold were OxyContin (big surprise) and Hydrocodone. The drug dealers from the internet pharmacies in Tampa, Florida had to have a piece of the action. Another more…

Drug Rehab Q & A: Would Drug Testing in Schools Reduce Abuse?

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One of the latest trends in schools is drug testing for students. The testing may be on individuals chosen randomly, as a requirement for participation in sports or other activities, or it may be done on entire schools. Drug testing is being implemented as a preventative measure in hopes that fewer kids will get addicted more…