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Stay Safe This Holiday Season – Especially in these Cities

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If you’re looking to stay safe over New Year’s Eve this year, be aware that some cities are far worse than others. In fact, here are the 25 drunkest cities in America – the worst cities to be out on during the holiday season. 1. Boston, MASS. 2. Norfolk, VA 3. Milwaukee, WI 4. Charleston, more…

Worried About Prescription Drugs? Do This to Reduce the Risk

Posted under Addiction Help, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Connecticut, Drug Addiction, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Prescription Drugs, Rhode Island

Prescription drugs are responsible for more deaths than heroin and cocaine combined. These drugs are being abused by kids, parents, and even grandparents. Want to do to reduce the risk of a drug death in your family? Here is one of the greatest successes. more…

Get Addiction Help Early When They're Taking Drugs in College

Posted under Addiction Help, Alcohol, Cocaine, Marijuana, Missouri

More about what happens with drugs in college. Susan Smith (not her real name) grew up in a normal, loving, educated family. She was a girl scout, mom lead a troup. A great life. Then she went to college – she was going to be a social worker – which is where she started drinking, more…

Addiction Help For Young Girls in St. Joseph, Missouri

Posted under Addiction Help, Methadone, Missouri

St. Joseph’s Hospital’s recent shocking ER visit by nine girls aged 14 years old or younger after having downed a dangerous painkiller should be a wake up call for parents in St. Joseph, Missouri. Some people might see this as just another 10 (including the boy who gave it to them) kids taking drugs. It more…

Addiction Help for Underage Drinking Could Change Your Kid's Life

Posted under Addiction Help, Alcohol, Missouri

Living in Missouri and wondering where your children are is no different than anywhere else: If you have a child in high school, there is a good chance they are out drinking. Half of those kids will need addiction help because of alcohol abuse during their lifetime. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health more…

Addiction Help Will Help Methamphetamine Addiction in Missouri and Tennessee

Posted under Addiction Help, Methamphetamine, Missouri, Tennessee

Missouri accounted for 1205 meth lab busts in 2007. Tennessee accounted for 500. The meths labs in those two states alone accounted for about a third of the meth labs found in the U.S. last year. The recent busts in Mexico of super labs and the recent border seizures have put pressure on producing more more…