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Meth Ruins a Family – Drug Addiction Treatment Saves It

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happy sober womanMethamphetamine isn’t easy to kick, but thanks to an 18-month program through Minnesota’s Morrison County Drug Court program, Missy Strack is clean and living a whole new life! Here’s how she finally did it. more…

Blue Earth County, Minnesota, Refuses Methadone Clinic

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police keep drugs under controlA company in Twin Cities recently proposed opening a methadone clinic in Mankato – population under 40,000, spread across three counties: Blue Earth, Nicollet, and Le Sueur – but Blue Earth County officials said no. Is the county depriving heroin and prescription painkiller addicts an opportunity to get off drugs? Not from the county’s viewpoint. In fact, county officials are worried that a methadone clinic could worsen the county’s drug problem. How could that happen? more…

One Teenage Girl’s Slide from OxyContin Addiction to Heroin

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Lauren Waldemar was only 12 when she began her terrible slide from a normal, happy schoolgirl to a serious OxyContin addict and, from there, to the ultimate bottom – life on the street as a heroin addict. more…

Head Shop Selling Killer Chemicals – Get Addiction Help for Designer Drugs

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I recently read a news item about a ‘head shop’ in Duluth, Minnesota. Head shops carry drug paraphernalia – incense, pipes, certain music, posters, and so on. The head shop in this story – called ‘Last Place on Earth’ – also carries ‘drugs’. In fact, they are not yet classified as drugs; the substances are more…

Addiction Help Q & A: Is Methadone Treatment Stopping Addiction?

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In the town of Fort Frances, Ontario, just across the border from Minnesota, there are about 60 people on methadone maintenance. Last year there were seven. The town has a population of a little over 8,000. According to a local pharmacist, more and more Fort Frances residents who have trouble ending their addiction to heroin, more…

Addiction Help May Be Cut for Minnesota Offenders

Posted under Addiction Help, Minnesota

It looks like Tom Pawlenty, governor of Minnesota, is cutting the budget for drug court. Big mistake: not only will people who commit drug-related crimes wind up back on the street doing it again after a prison term, it’s going to cost the state far more money to house them as prisoners than it would more…

Addiction Help Along With Suspended Driving Privileges Saves Lives

Posted under Addiction Help, Alcohol, Minnesota

The author of a recent editorial in referenced the alcohol-related death of another young person in Minnesota and a recent survey on alcohol abuse when he implored the state government to stiffen the penalties for underaged drinking. The current penalty is a fine – often paid by the parents – and the editorial calls for more…

The Need for Addiction Help in the Future Can’t Be Predicted Without Complete Surveys, and They Have to Include Prescription Drugs

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Where does addiction treatment fall when you do a survey about drug abuse? Do the surveys tell us enough to measure how much addiction help will be needed in the future? The surveys that are done are incomplete and half the students don’t even fill them out. Also, there are plenty of questions about street more…

Alcohol Rehab May Be What’s In Store For Children Who Drink Early

Posted under Alcohol, Minnesota, Young People

Drinking alcohol early in life can lead a lot of alcohol-related problems, and set your kids up for future alcohol abuse and need for alcohol rehab. It’s not unusual for the kids of parents who drink to ask for a sip, and giving it to them may seem harmless. But researchers from the University of more…