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Georgia To Regulate Methadone Clinics So They Deliver Rehab, Not Just Give out Pills

Posted under Georgia

Methadone clinics give opioid addicts methadone to curb the symptoms of withdrawal, without giving addicts the high they had with other drugs. However, the addicts are supposed to also receive drug rehab type counseling so they can get off drugs altogether. Instead, they’re being parked on methadone for years, sometimes decades, some for life. The State of Georgia has decided to do something about it.


Alcohol Abuse in Party Schools – Going to College Can Be Dangerous

Posted under Adderall, Alcohol, Georgia, Iowa, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Ritalin, Texas, Treatment, West Virginia

Parents are excited when their kids go off to college, but they are also a little worried. How will their young man or woman cope with being away from home? Will they do well? Will they behave themselves? Will they get involved in things that might cause them trouble? Now, more than ever, that is more…

Addiction Help Comes Too Late for Students in Georgia

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It’s too late for addiction help for prescription drugs for one, and possibly two, students in Georgia. A 15-year-old gave 80mg Oxycodone pills to his friends. Two became very ill, one went to the hospital and one young man, Timothy Lebron Smith, died after taking four Oxycodone pills. Will addiction help get the other three more…