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Changing the Party School Image of University of Colorado

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Four years ago the University of Colorado (CU) was the number one party school in the country. As a parent, I would be reluctant to send my kids to a school that earned such a dubious award. CU wasn’t too pleased with it either. So they set about making changes that have dropped CU right off the party school list. And they have some impressive statistics. more…

Colorado’s Marijuana Retailers Trying to Entice School Kids

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There are nearly 400 places in Colorado where you can buy marijuana. Some are chain stores – one owner might have several shops. One of those owners, Brian Ruden, who had four stores as of last year and is still opening more, was recently stopped from opening another shop right next to a drug addiction treatment facility and two blocks from two different schools  – a college and a prep school.

Ruden used to be a tax attorney. He gave it up so he could sell drugs. more…

Jail Isn’t the Answer, But Does That Make Being Stoned Okay?

Posted under Colorado, Legal Issues, Marijuana, THC

Colorado’s first annual report on marijuana shows the state sold 4.8 million edible marijuana products—some for medical use, and some for recreation. Nearly enough for one for every person in the state. Oh, wait, more than 2.25 million of Colorado’s 5+ million people are under 21 and can’t legally buy the stuff. So, that means there were enough edible marijuana products for everyone to have two!

And when you consider that only 67 of Colorado’s 321 jurisdictions opted in to allowing retail or medical sales of marijuana, that decreases the number even further. So … let’s just say that quite a few people in Colorado got stoned last year. more…

Stay Safe This Holiday Season – Especially in these Cities

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If you’re looking to stay safe over New Year’s Eve this year, be aware that some cities are far worse than others. In fact, here are the 25 drunkest cities in America – the worst cities to be out on during the holiday season. 1. Boston, MASS. 2. Norfolk, VA 3. Milwaukee, WI 4. Charleston, more…

Legal Marijuana – Should You Vote Yay or Nay?

Posted under Cocaine, Colorado, Marijuana, Washington

Now that marijuana is legal for recreational purposes in two states – Washington and Colorado – people are starting to realize that this crop is going to generate some serious money for the state and the 75 retailers who now have shops where you can buy everything from weed truffles to pre-rolled joints. But legal or not, marijuana still has same effects on individuals. And right now it is vital to look at what they are. more…

Addiction Help: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Posted under Addiction Help, Colorado

A woman’s life has come crashing down, thanks to drug addiction. Kristin Parker, a scrub tech in Colorado who fell prey to an addiction to painkillers (and heroin for a short time) wound up contracting Hepatitis C. But, that’s not the worst of it. She worked as a nurse for two different hospitals, where she more…

Get Addiction Help Before Disaster Pushes Them Over the Edge

Posted under Addiction Help, Colorado, Methamphetamine

Although methamphetamine is in widespread use across the country, there are some areas where use is heavier than others. Some communities have formed groups to fight drug addiction and abuse in their area. One such group, the District Court’s Monitoring Assessment Program (MAP) in the Canon City area of Colorado, says that 80% of those more…

Addiction Helps Sports News

Posted under Addiction Help, Colorado

Here at Addiction Help Services, we’ve decided to start giving you some sports news. You’ve probably been wondering about the results of the Homecoming football game between Colorado University and the Texas Longhorns. Here they are: 57 people ejected, mostly for alcohol-related violations seven citations for underage drinking 11 students referred to CU’s Office of more…

The Need for Addiction Help Boosted by Internet Pharmacies

Posted under Addiction Help, Colorado, Drug Addiction, Hydrocodone, New Hampshire, Prescription Drugs

Diane Finch from New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR) has written an important piece about prescription drug dealing. 36 online pharmacies sold 100 million prescriptions in 2006. The main drugs sold were OxyContin (big surprise) and Hydrocodone. The drug dealers from the internet pharmacies in Tampa, Florida had to have a piece of the action. Another more…

Find Addiction Help for “Strawberry Quick” Methamphetamines

Posted under Addiction Help, Arizona, Colorado, Crystal Meth, Methamphetamine, Nevada

Marketing flavored crystal methamphetamines to our youth is one of the gimmicks Mexican drug trafficking organizations have come up with. The newest flavor, ‘Strawberry Quick’, is attracting a younger and younger crowd – many of whom will eventually be looking for addiction help. “Meth is the most serious addictive drug I have ever seen, and more…

Addiction Help in Pennsylvania – Toads Back in the News

Posted under Addiction Help, Colorado, Hallucinogen, Pennsylvania, Xanax

Pennsylvania has a small population of drug users that can use addiction help. We are not talking about prescription drugs such as OxyContin, Xanax or Vicodin. We’re not even talking about the common illegal drugs. We’re talking about toad licking. And anyone who would go to those extremes to get high needs addiction help. That’s more…

Addiction Help for Frog Venom? This Is One Frog That Won't Turn Into a Prince

Posted under Addiction Help, Colorado, Hallucinogen

A person ingesting poisons to get high is not a big surprise, using all sorts of natural or chemical based substances has been going on for decades. However, finding a frog that comes from the Colorado River, bringing it home, and using it to get high does sound unique. It also got David S. Theisss, more…