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New Involuntary Commitment Laws Threaten Drug Users

Posted under Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio

While many states have had laws in place for some time that allow short term involuntary commitment of drug users, the time they can be held against their will is generally limited. But the laws are getting more stringent and the time allowed for commitment longer and longer. Many people will also find themselves spending that time in private prisons that are hurting for customers. more…

What Does It Take for Addicts to Take Advantage of an Angel Program Being Offered by Police

Posted under California

Have you heard of the Drug Free Anaheim program in Anaheim, California? It’s modeled after the Angel Program in Gloucester, Massachusetts and allows addicts to come into the police station to get help with drug addiction without prosecution. But it’s not getting anywhere near the Angel Program’s participation or success. Why is that? What does it take to make a program like this successful? How can it work for you? more…

What Do You Think of a Drug Rehab Facility that Offers Marijuana as a Solution to Addiction?

Posted under California

I saw an article in LA Weekly (that’s Los Angeles, not LouisianA) about a new drug rehab facility that plans to offer marijuana to help get addicts “off drugs”. The author of the article was surprised at that, and referred to the facility as one of the very few that offers drugs as part of their treatment plan. This thing of giving drugs to people instead of getting them off drugs is part of the ‘harm reduction philosophy’. In other words, they’ve given up getting people off drugs, and their focus is on just keeping them alive. Is that really good enough? Why do that when there is successful drug rehab available?


Los Angeles Pastor Helps Korean Kids on Drugs

Posted under California, Young People

In some countries, states, or religious or ethnic communities, talking about drugs is verboten. You’re not supposed to take them and, if you do, you’re certainly not supposed to talk about it. Which, of course, means it’s almost impossible to get help. There was a big situation with that in the Mormon Church for quite more…

Stay Safe This Holiday Season – Especially in these Cities

Posted under Alcohol, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin

If you’re looking to stay safe over New Year’s Eve this year, be aware that some cities are far worse than others. In fact, here are the 25 drunkest cities in America – the worst cities to be out on during the holiday season. 1. Boston, MASS. 2. Norfolk, VA 3. Milwaukee, WI 4. Charleston, more…

Southern California Teacher Needs Alcohol Addiction Help

Posted under Addiction Help, Alcohol, California

So the latest news in the drug and alcohol addiction world, that caught my eye, was about a female middle school teacher in Southern California who was arrested for “drunk teaching”. This woman was actually attempting to teach a classroom full of 7th grade students while she was intoxicated. This story hit close to home more…

More Addiction Help On the Way for Californians

Posted under Addiction Help, California

Addiction help will soon be available to even more non-violent offenders in California, thanks to Prop 5, the Non-Violent Offenders Rehabilitation Act, aka NORA . It’s currently costing California $46,000 a year to house an inmate. With recidivism rates being what they are, chances are most of those inmates are going back to a life of drugs, and crime, more…

Is Addiction Help Needed by High School Students in Santa Cruz, California?

Posted under Addiction Help, California, Drug Addiction, Prescription Drugs, Steroids, Tranquilizers

Santa Cruz, California is essentially a beach town: if you had been there you would get the idea of a low key, low stress, health conscious community. Steroids, high school athletes and Santa Cruz would not seem like a natural fit. Neither does it seem likely that Santa Cruz would have many people who need more…

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Help for Jockey, Patrick Valenzuela – Will He Finally Get the Help He Needs Now That California Has Revoked His License?

Posted under Addiction Help, Alcohol, California, Drug Rehab, Treatment

Jockey Patrick Valenzuela has had a conditional license for the past several years due to substance abuse problems. On Friday he had his conditional license revoked by the California Horse Racing Board after being stopped and arrested for a DUI in Upland, California. It’s time for him to get the addiction help he needs. During more…

California Drug Rehab Treatment Funding Under Review

Posted under California, Drug Rehab

A recent LA Times Editorial criticized Governor Schwarzenegger for reducing and diverting drug rehab treatment funds from California’s Proposition 36 into a different fund that would provide the money to the counties who use it the most, but with restrictions. Proposition 36 was overwhelmingly passed in a statewide vote in 2000 to approve funding for more…

California’s Proposition 36 – Are we setting people up for failure by sending them to drug rehab programs with low success rates?

Posted under California, Legal Issues

Under the state of California’s Proposition 36, anyone convicted of drug possession has three chances to complete a drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation program before they are sent to prison to serve time for their offenses. According to a recent article released by the San Francisco Chronicle, an assessment of California’s Proposition 36 has just been more…