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Calabasas School in Rio Rico, Arizona Helps Parents Get Their Kids Off Drugs

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Every day there are stories and news items all over the internet and in local and national newspapers and magazines about young people getting into trouble and even overdosing because of drug abuse and drug addiction. They come from every different type of environment, and all social and economic standings. A lot of communities are banding together to try to help the situation, including a program being run in Calabasas School, in Rio Rico, Arizona. more…

Will Meth Mouth Go On Decline in Arizona?

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The Arizona police department received an unusual donation last week – a meth scanner. Concerned about the meth problem, a subsidiary of BHP Hilton, the world’s largest mining company, gave the police a scanner that can detect trace amounts of meth on any surface. Hopefully, this will enable the police to find and get addiction help for more people – as more…

Addiction Help for People in Phoenix

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While it’s unlikely that many drug addicts will show up, the fourth annual Art of Recovery Expo in Phoenix, Arizona, will, I hope, attract the loved ones of people who need addiction help. The expo includes information on several different drugs and how to get off them. Drug intervention will also be a focus, which more…

Find Addiction Help for “Strawberry Quick” Methamphetamines

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Marketing flavored crystal methamphetamines to our youth is one of the gimmicks Mexican drug trafficking organizations have come up with. The newest flavor, ‘Strawberry Quick’, is attracting a younger and younger crowd – many of whom will eventually be looking for addiction help. “Meth is the most serious addictive drug I have ever seen, and more…

Addiction Help for the Typical Methamphetamine User

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Mothers, brothers, friends or neighbors need addiction help because of meth abuse. You can’t put meth users into categories, there is no typical methamphetamine user – they come in all size, shapes, backgrounds and ages. In Idaho children as young as 10 have used meth. And by age 18, 15% of the population has tried more…

Addiction Help and Moms on Methamphetamines

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In Arizona Tina Tolbert was a supermom. How did she keep going? By taking meth. It gave her the energy she needed to play with her kids. She took them on night hikes in the mountains, climbed trees, and took them swimming at 3 in the morning. And she was on meth all the time. more…