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Another Tool to Help Save the Lives of Addicts

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A common marketing basic is that people don’t really consider communication from a corporation about their own product as credible. They want to hear about experiences from consumers – people who already purchased the product. That’s why reviews are so popular and why most people who buy products often research the reviews of a product more…

Former Heroin Addict Feels Unstoppable

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addict wins over heroinAlaska has one of the worst heroin problems in the entire U.S. but just like everywhere else in the U.S., the problem often start with prescription drugs. In Jane’s case, she was misdiagnosed and started self-medicating. First with marijuana, then hydrocodone, then oxycontin, and then heroin. How did Jane get sober? more…

Alcohol Related Deaths Decrease When Taxes Raised

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One of the most attractive things about alcohol – especially to kids – is the low cost. Kids can buy a six-pack for less than their lunch money. True, it’s not the best quality beer out there, but it’s beer. However, a recent study found that even a small price hike in alcohol taxes can more…