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New Hampshire Trying to Get Another ‘Recovery Center’. Will It Help?

Posted under New Hampshire

In the Lakes Region of Laconia, New Hampshire, they’re hurting for beds for drug treatment. That’s nothing new – it’s a problem for every city and state in the U.S. In the Lakes Region, when an addict wants help, there’s no bed available for them for three to six weeks. Officials in Laconia are planning to open a new ‘recovery center’ that will help people get through the three to six weeks staying off drugs and still interested in going to rehab.  I think it’s a great idea, and no doubt it will help some people. But it’s just another band aid. How could the problem be better addressed? By reducing the relapse rates.


Georgia To Regulate Methadone Clinics So They Deliver Rehab, Not Just Give out Pills

Posted under Georgia

Methadone clinics give opioid addicts methadone to curb the symptoms of withdrawal, without giving addicts the high they had with other drugs. However, the addicts are supposed to also receive drug rehab type counseling so they can get off drugs altogether. Instead, they’re being parked on methadone for years, sometimes decades, some for life. The State of Georgia has decided to do something about it.


New Florida Laws Could Help Prevent Painkiller Deaths

Posted under Florida

Years ago Florida did a crack-down on pill mills. The overdose/deaths stats went down immediately, but they’ve been creeping up and have now again reached epidemic proportions. To help put the problems behind them, Florida politicians are proposing new laws that crack down on the worst of the problems – heroin, fentanyl and carfentanyl. Are the laws going to work?


Opioid Orphans in South Charleston, West Virginia

Posted under West Virginia

When we think of addicts we tend to think of foolish kids who haven’t yet found, or have lost, their way. But a good portion of adults who we wouldn’t think would become addicts, in some cases, are also addicts, and many are parents. In the U.S. in 2015, 33,091 people died of opioid overdoses. I don’t know how many are parents, but judging from how many children seem to be living as opioid orphans, there are quite a few. And in West Virginia, there are more than in other parts of the country. What happens to these kids?


Drug Wholesalers Are Fuelling Prescription Drug Epidemic

Posted under Pennsylvania, West Virginia

Philadelphia Teamsters think they’ve got at least part of the answer as to why they have a prescription drug epidemic in their area – drug wholesalers. They’re referencing the lawsuit against AmerisourceBergen and other wholesalers, filed because they sent 9 million pills to one West Virginia town with a population of only 400 over a two-year period. That would mean each person in the town – including 3-month old babies – took 22,500 pills, that’s 31 pills a day for two years. Not likely. But what is happening to those pills?


Will Florida’s Deadly Opioid Scene Finally be Declared an Epidemic?

Posted under Florida

Just to give you an idea of how dangerously available heroin is in Florida, and how easy it is for someone to try it and get hooked on it or cause trouble for others, Florida’s Governor Scott is currently being pushed to declare Florida’s heroin crisis to be a public health emergency. Is your neighborhood safe?


Lee County, Illinois, Sees Falling Drug Addiction and Crime with “Safe Passage” Program

Posted under Illinois

Lee County, Illinois created their own version of the ANGEL program started by the Sheriff’s Department in Gloucester, Mass. The Lee County program is called Safe Passage, and is very successful. Can it help you or someone you care about who has a drug problem?


How to Detect Drug Involvement Early So You Can Prevent Disaster

Posted under New Jersey

As with a lot of other health-related problems, early detection is key to preventing and treating addiction. The longer you wait to address it, the more difficult it could be to overcome and the more problems it is likely to cause – including the possibility of overdose. How do you find out someone you care about is taking drugs early enough to avoid the trouble it can cause?


What Do You Think of a Drug Rehab Facility that Offers Marijuana as a Solution to Addiction?

Posted under California

I saw an article in LA Weekly (that’s Los Angeles, not LouisianA) about a new drug rehab facility that plans to offer marijuana to help get addicts “off drugs”. The author of the article was surprised at that, and referred to the facility as one of the very few that offers drugs as part of their treatment plan. This thing of giving drugs to people instead of getting them off drugs is part of the ‘harm reduction philosophy’. In other words, they’ve given up getting people off drugs, and their focus is on just keeping them alive. Is that really good enough? Why do that when there is successful drug rehab available?


West Virginia Gets $47 Million Settlement from Suing Prescription Drug Wholesalers – Money to be Used to Help Fight the Addiction the Wholesalers Helped Create

Posted under West Virginia

West Virginia has the highest number of drug overdoses in the U.S.  The deaths from prescription drugs go right along with that: Between 2007 and 2012, the number of deaths in WV caused by prescription opioids – which are, basically, painkillers – was also higher than in any other state. But WV is not taking it lying down. They’re going after what may be some of the most dangerous dealers in the State – the drugs’ legal wholesalers and distributors. What did they do that was so bad? And how will getting them under control help you or someone you care about who is addicted to drugs?


Christie Renews His Commitment to Helping New Jersey Addicts

Posted under New Hampshire

Just before Christmas, Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, stepped up to yet another podium to renew his promises to help people with the ‘disease’ of addiction. Christie generates a lot of controversy at times, and more so lately than ever. But this is one endeavor in which he always seems to win the hearts of the people – especially recovering addicts and people who have lost their spouse, their children, or other family members and friends to addiction. How available is addiction help in New Jersey? And what has Christie contributed to putting those resources in place? more…

Recovery Court in Roane County, Tennessee, is Getting Addicts Off Drugs

Posted under Tennessee

There isn’t one State in the U.S. that doesn’t have a drug problem. But Tennessee is one of the hardest hit, and prescription painkillers are the most commonly abused. However, officials in Tennessee care about the people’s addictions, and are really working to make people aware of the consequences of taking these pills (and others), and helping them overcome addiction. Recovery Court is one of the State’s programs, and it’s working. more…

How Did Everett, WA’s Drug Epidemic Start and How Can You Get Help?

Posted under Washington

I recently read an article about a women living in Everett, Washington. A homeless drug addict, Shandell Orr, on the brink of suicide, she was helped by a program run out of the sheriff’s department. She is now doing much better in life. But she is just one of many who were trapped in the opioid epidemic intentionally started in Everett with the express purpose of getting people onto and hooked on drugs. With the emphasis on one drug – OxyContin, the prescription painkiller. more…

Oklahoma Tackles High Rate of Opioid Overdose in Medicaid Patients

Posted under Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s had it worse than a lot of other states in the years-long opioid epidemic facing America. The state has initiated several programs to help the situation but remains high on the list of states in the most trouble. However, in 2017, Medicaid will take one of the current programs to the next level in the hopes of making their prevention efforts more effective. more…

How’s It Going with Marijuana Legalization in Washington State? Not Well.

Posted under Washington

A lot of people think of marijuana as a somewhat innocent drug that is just about people enjoying themselves – like going out for an ice cream – rather than something that’s dangerous to the individual or society. Four years ago, in December 2012, the state of Washington legalized marijuana. Over the years it has become very obvious that marijuana is anything but innocent, at least not on the road. more…

Cummins, Inc. Implements Major Changes to Help with Prescription Painkiller Problems in the Workplace

Posted under Indiana

I recently wrote about the prescription painkiller problem in Indiana – specifically about why the situation is so much more severe than in most other states and the outrageous increase in babies born addicted (a 3900 percent increase from 2000 to 2010). But every day another news item comes through and makes me realize that the drug problem in Indiana is even worse than I thought the day before.  Now it’s being reported that 80 percent of Indiana businesses say that prescription drug addiction is a problem in their business. One company, Cummins, Inc., is doing more than most to get the situation under control. more…

Babies Born Addicted – The Unexpected Consequences of the 2008 Wall Street Crash

Posted under Addiction Help, Indiana

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) – the group of symptoms experienced by a baby going through withdrawal from the drug he or she became addicted to while in the womb of an addict mother – has been skyrocketing for years in Indiana. The increase from 2000 to 2010 alone was 3,900 percent, and it continues. What brought it about? Why is the NAS situation in Indiana so much worse than many other parts of the country? more…

Boston Medical Center Offers Even More Help to Addicts

Posted under Massachusetts

One of the biggest problems getting opioid addicts off opioids – which includes heroin, morphine, fentanyl, carfentanyl, prescription painkillers under many different names, and more – is that they have to wait for treatment. If addicts don’t get help when they ask for it, they could well be on a slab in the morgue the more…

Calabasas School in Rio Rico, Arizona Helps Parents Get Their Kids Off Drugs

Posted under Arizona

Every day there are stories and news items all over the internet and in local and national newspapers and magazines about young people getting into trouble and even overdosing because of drug abuse and drug addiction. They come from every different type of environment, and all social and economic standings. A lot of communities are banding together to try to help the situation, including a program being run in Calabasas School, in Rio Rico, Arizona. more…

24 Overdoses of Synthetic Marijuana Hit Butler, Ohio in One Day

Posted under Ohio

Ohio got a big surprise at their recent EST FEST Music Festival in Butler, about 90 miles southwest of Cleveland. EST stands for “Everybody Stands Together” but at least 24 people weren’t standing at all – they were getting treated for drug overdoses. The drug that caused the overdoses was synthetic marijuana. Not too many people would associate marijuana with overdose, but this situation was different, and could happen to a lot of others in Ohio and elsewhere. more…

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