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Chronic Drinkers Can’t Think Well Enough to Create a Good Life

Posted under Addiction Help, Alcohol

Have you ever noticed that many people who drink a lot seem to be less intelligent than others – even when they’re sober? Check into the lives of some chronic drinkers and you’ll see what I mean. Rarely do you see someone who is doing really well in life who is also a chronic drinker. Why? According to a new study, it’s because the alcohol takes away complex-decision making skills.


Help Someone Overcome Addiction by Controlling Your Emotions

Posted under Addiction Help

A common thing among drug addicts and alcoholics is a feeling of shame. And the worse you feel about yourself, the harder it is to change. Someone who feels bad about themselves is less likely to agree to get help with their addiction.

Most people know when they’re hurting others, and they don’t take any joy in it. They take joy in being responsible for their lives, doing well in life, and making themselves and others happy – none of which is really being done by addicts, even those who have a lot of money to pay others to take care of things for them.

So … when someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, and especially when it’s causing trouble in the lives of others that they care about or making them worry, their self-esteem is at rock bottom.

Have you ever tried to make positive changes in your life when you feel like worthless? It is almost impossible. more…

Why Do People Who Do Well in Life Take Drugs and Get Addicted?

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Addiction

People who haven’t taken addictive drugs wonder how someone else could possibly even want to use those drugs, let alone get addicted to them and have them run their life. It’s understandable when someone is in extreme physical pain or when they have a very tough life – growing up with parents who take drugs or drink a lot, for example. But there are so many people who have everything going for them and seem to live a happy life that are also doing drugs, it really makes you wonder what it’s all about.

Often, the biggest reason people get addicted is because they tried the drug in the first place. How does that work? more…

Giving Kids Prescription Drugs Sets Them Up for Addiction

Posted under Adderall, Addiction Help, Drug Addiction, Drug Rehab, Painkillers, Prescription Drugs, Ritalin, Young People

Don’t Get Your Kid Addicted to Drugs

Obviously, there are times when kids need drugs. But to give a kid drugs when they are inattentive at school or overactive doesn’t handle a thing. It just teaches them that they need drugs to cope with life. And it really doesn’t help or even find the root cause of their actual condition. more…

Russell Brand – Another Good Example to Help Fight Your Personal Drug Battles

Posted under Addiction Help

Having celebrities and other influencers to hold up as an example is often just what parents need to get their kids to not take drugs or drink alcohol, or to get addiction help once they’ve started. Russell Brand is turning out to be just such a role model. Who would have thought Russell Brand would more…

Is My Kid Taking Drugs? How Do I Figure it Out?

Posted under Addiction Help, Young People

Just about every parent worries whether their kid is taking drugs. Usually, and thankfully, there are ways to tell. The biggest thing to look for is change: Change in the friends they’re hanging out with. And the new friends seem either unsavory, or they’re too good to be true. They’re not as interested in spending more…

Kids Embarrassed by Parents Drinking – But a Parent Can Become the Parent They’ve Always Wanted to Be.

Posted under Addiction Help, Alcohol, Young People

Half of kids under 16 years of age are embarrassed by their parents drinking – are you one of them? You would think that embarrassment would make the kids not want to drink – and it does. But it also sets them up with the kind of social situation that makes drinking hard to resist. more…

Randy Travis’ Career Improves When He Goes to Rehab

Posted under Addiction Help, Alcohol

Randy Travis is in alcohol rehab – and it’s helping him personally, and in his career. Some artists are afraid to go to rehab. They’re not only afraid it will damage their reputation, they sometimes even think they won’t be as good if they’re not drinking or taking drugs. But many artists’ careers would have more…

Did Drugs or Alcohol Ruin Your Christmas?

Posted under Addiction Help

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Christmases ruined because of drugs or alcohol. Sons or daughters who arrived high, get high during the Christmas celebrations, or leave early so they can get some drugs. Parents or kids who drink and either get depressed or confrontational, or are just too drunk to talk more…

Are My Kids on Drugs? How Can I Tell?

Posted under Addiction Help, Young People

Did you know that kids have usually been taking drugs for two years before their parents find out? In this day and age, when the drugs are more dangerous than ever before, that two years could be the difference between life and death. Obviously, the smart thing to do is find out sooner so you more…

Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Worried She’ll Die Without Addiction Help

Posted under Addiction Help

If I were Lindsay’s dad, I’d be worried about the same thing. Just when she’s started to make some headway on getting her career and life back, she’s in trouble again. One step forward, two steps back, over and over and over again. Lindsay’s been arrested many times for alcohol and drug-related offenses, including 2 more…

Methadone Is Worse Than Heroin

Posted under Addiction Help, Heroin, Methadone, Opiates

People sometimes go onto methadone temporarily to help them get off heroin. But rarely do they actually get off the methadone. In fact, methadone is so hard to stop taking that many addiction help facilities won’t even accept people who are taking it. Why Do People Take Methadone to Quit Heroin? Using methadone to help more…

Mom Whose Son Overdosed Finds that Other Parents Were Getting High with the Kids

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Addiction, Drug Rehab, Prescription Drugs, Vicodin, Young People

Can we depend on other parents to keep our kids safe? As parents, we depend on other parents to help keep our kids safe. But a recent story from a mom who lost her son to a fatal overdose proved that we have to keep an eye on other parents as well. Her son had more…

How to Keep Your Kids Away from Drugs and Alcohol at University

Posted under Addiction Help, Alcohol, Drug Rehab, Young People

Going to university isn’t what it used to be. Now, instead of worrying about grades and being excited for their kids’ future, parents have to worry about alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses. How can you help your kids stay on the straight and narrow so they can attend graduation instead of being in a treatment more…

Getting Addiction Help May Be Easier Than You Think

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Addiction, Methadone, Methamphetamine

Looking for help with someone who has a problem with drugs or alcohol can be pretty overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of drug rehab facilities, and nearly as many different methods of rehab, that it’s almost impossible for someone who is not an expert to figure out what to do. The easy solution is calling more…

NASCAR’s AJ Allmendinger Completes Drug Rehab – Back in the Game

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Rehab

It always hurts to see an athlete caught up in alcohol or drugs. Really, there aren’t that many professional athletes out there, and it often ruins their careers. But AJ Allmendinger, after having tested positive, has now been through drug rehab and is reinstated with NASCAR. Fans will love that! There are probably very few more…

Is ‘Once and Addict Always an Addict’ Really True?

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Rehab

There was news story on CNN recently about the 5 myths of addiction. One of them is something that is really widespread – once an addict, always an addict. The article says it’s just not true. And I know it for a fact as well. This myth is linked to the idea that addiction is more…

More Young People Getting Addiction Help for ADD and ADHD Drugs

Posted under Adderall, Addiction Help, Ritalin, THC

Finally! Ritalin, Adderall and other drugs for ‘ADD’ and ‘ADHD’ are being recognized as the dangerous and addictive drugs that they are. According to a recent news story, a lot of young people going to facilities for addiction help are taking these drugs. How do they get them? Some get them from their doctors; others more…

Do They Need Addiction Help, or Are They Going Through a Phase?

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Rehab

A lot of parents think that when their kids take drugs, they’re just going through a phase and don’t actually need addiction help. I think this is especially true with parents who took drugs themselves – they think that since they eventually stopped taking drugs and ‘turned out okay’, the same will happen to their more…

Will Drinking Parents Turn Their Kids into Drinkers? Should They Consider Alcohol Rehab?

Posted under Addiction Help, Alcohol, Young People

With alcohol, not much has changed over the years. Fewer people may drink, but most of those who do still drink (more than the occasional glass of wine) still think it’s okay for their kids to drink. And they think it’s ridiculous if someone suggests that their kid might need addiction help. Not only do more…

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