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You Can Now Safely Dispose of Prescription Drugs

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I recently looked in a friend’s medicine cabinet and saw about a dozen bottles of prescription drugs, some of which were six years old. And none of which were currently being taken. Fortunately, there are no young people in this friend’s environment. But had there been, there’s a 40 percent chance the drugs would have started someone off on a very dangerous path. But how could he have gotten rid of them safely?

If he’d put them in the trash, there’s a possibility they might be found. And used. If he’d flushed them down the toilet, he would be polluting our water – the water fish swim in it (and we eat them), we drink it, and so on. When you unleash prescription drugs on the environment, everyone is affected. more…

Another Deadly Consequence of Prescription Drugs

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There’s nothing quite so sad as watching older people hobble around, living the last years of their life in pain and discomfort. What’s worse is knowing that much of their discomfort is from the prescription drugs they’re on. One drug for this, another for that, another for the side effects of those. And they’re still in pain. Probably feel like zombies. And the drugs, instead of making them better, are causing even more problems – including contributing to sometimes debilitating or fatal falls. more…

How To Educate Your Kids on Drugs and Keep Them Safe

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Studies have shown that kids whose parents talk to them about drugs are 50 percent less likely to take them. But for talking to work, you have to say the right things. What do they need to know? Whether they’re pre-teens, teens, or young adults, they all need the same information.

Unfortunately, simply telling your kids that drugs are bad for you isn’t going to work. Telling them that taking drugs is morally wrong, sinful, can get them into trouble, wind them up in jail, and so on and so on – all the hundreds of general things parents could say to their kids – also don’t work.

Why? more…

Heroin Overdoses Lives Can be Saved

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When someone overdoses on heroin or similar drugs (called opioids) and doesn’t receive immediate treatment, they can stop breathing and die rather quickly. But a new drug could save the life of someone you care about.

We frequently hear about these overdose tragedies on the news – actors, musicians, all sorts of celebrities, not to mention college and high school kids, housewives, professionals, and so on – no one is immune.

Unfortunately, most of the time an opioid overdose means there’s very little anyone can do to save that victim’s life. Rescue people might be it, but there is virtually no chance they’ll be able to do anything about it. That is, unless more…

What’s the Best Addiction Help? Just Say No to Prescription Drugs.

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The lead medical examiner in Brevard County, Florida recently said that when he is called out to investigate a death that does not involve a shooting, stabbing or motor vehicle accident, there’s a good chance that drugs are involved. But he’s not referring to street drugs like heroin, cocaine, or meth – he’s talking about more…

One More Reason to Get Addiction Help for Prescription Drugs

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Prescription drugs are turning out to be such a problem. People all over the U.S. are addicted to them or abusing them. When compared to street drug problems, more people are dying from prescription drugs, more end up in emergency rooms because of them, more people are showing up at rehab centers for addiction help, more…

Addiction Help Needed for Florida Prescription Drug Users

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The Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s office has recently stated that “prescription drug abuse has become more fatal than abuse of illegal street drugs”. The top two drugs that people overdose on in Tampa, FL are Oxycodone (which can be formulated as Percocet and OxyContin) and Methadone used to “treat” heroin addiction and for chronic pain. more…

Addiction Recovery Doesn’t Have To Include Relapse

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Have you ever heard that “relapse is part of recovery”? As much as people believe this to be true, it is not, plain and simple. If someone relapses after they receive their treatment, then a basic element of the recovery process was missed or omitted and the addiction help they received was incomplete. A good more…