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Drug News: December 4, 2014

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PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – USA New challenges arise in prescription drug abuse treatment – Tucson News Now The number of people losing their lives to prescription drug abuse has more than tripled. The latest report from the Centers for Disease Control show the rate of people dying from pain meds has steadily gone up from 1.4 more…

Can Acupuncture Help with Drug Rehab?

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Rehab

There’s far too little recognition of what alternative medicine can do to help various health problems – including drug rehab and detox.

According to a recent article in Acupuncture Today, more than 2,000 alcohol and drug rehab programs have added ear acupuncture to their practice. more…

Drug News: November 28, 2014

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COCAINE – USA Tom Hanks’s Son Reveals Cocaine Addiction, Says He’s ’50 Days Clean’ – People Chester “Chet” Hanks, the eldest son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, has revealed that he entered rehab for an addiction to cocaine – but is now “50 days clean and sober from everything, including alcohol.” MARIJUANA – USA more…

Can You Get Addicted to Antidepressants?

Posted under Benzodiazepines, Drug Addiction, OxyContin, Prescription Drugs

Antidepressants are taken by about 13 percent of the population in the U.S. For some – like women between 50 and 64 – that number goes up to one in four, 25 percent. How easy is it to stop taking antidepressants? Without help from a prescription drug rehab professional, you could go through hell for months. more…

Drug News: November 20, 2014

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PRESCRIPTION DRUGS / HEROIN – USA Illegal prescription drug use can push kids towards heroin – WIFT Heroin use has been on the rise across the midstate and the problem is getting the bulk of attention. Many experts do consider heroin one of the most addictive drugs on the street. But prescription drug use is more…

Real Non-Addictive Opiate Prescription Painkillers?

Posted under Hydrocodone, Opiates, OxyContin, Painkillers, Prescription Drugs

Drug overdoses were the leading cause of death by injury in the U.S. just a couple of years ago. And the numbers aren’t getting any better. Most of those drugs that are killing people are prescription. And most of THOSE are OxyContin and other prescription painkillers. more…

Drug News: November 13, 2014

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PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – USA Non-addictive narcotic painkillers may be close – Courier-Journal Besides being non-addictive, drug makers say, it doesn’t cause nausea, … doctors, regulators and patients about OxyContin’s addiction risk. PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – USA Woman recovering from $100K/month addiction turns to “miracle treatments – ABC7Chicago Now she’s using this treatment to fight addiction … more…

What Do You Think of That?

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Parents can have a huge influence on whether or not their kids take drugs. But how you talk to them about drugs makes all the difference. This way works better than others. more…

Drug News: November 6, 2014

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METHAMPHETAMINE – USA New Way To Help Meth Addicts Stay Clean: Antibodies – Sci Tech Today Designing medications and immune therapies that blunt a drug addict’s high and help him kick his habit is a promising idea. And someday soon it is expected to yield actual medications for addiction. DRUG ADDICTION – USA Group preparing more…

You Can Stop the Epidemic of Babies Born Addicted

Posted under Addiction Help, Methamphetamine, Opiates, OxyContin, Young People

If there’s any better reason to get someone off drugs – other than the fact that they could die and it’s ruining their lives and that of their family – it’s the skyrocketing stats of babies born as addicts.

How many drugs does a pregnant woman have to take for a baby to be born addicted? more…

Drug News: October 30, 2014

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DRUG REHAB – USA A matter of life and death – LaGrange News For many people, the issue of drug addiction recovery is a literally matter of life and death. In 2012 in Georgia, there were 686 deaths from drug over dose in 152 of the 159 counties for which the Georgia Bureau of Investigations more…

Can This Powerful Advertisement Stop Parental Alcohol Abuse?

Posted under Alcohol, Young People

Is anyone more hurt by alcoholics than their children? A new ad, entitled The Orphanage  and produced and airing in Finland, has had half a million views on youtube and is well worth watching for anyone who has an alcoholic parent in their life. more…

Drug News: October 23, 2014

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DRUG REHAB – USA When Jordin Tootoo knew he needed drug rehab – Sports.Yahoo I was still hung to the gills and I reeked of booze. I was thinking,’ What the [expletive] did I do now?’—and I really didn’t know. I tried to trace events back to Saturday night, but I had no clue. I more…

From Painkillers to Heroin – An All Too Common Story

Posted under Addiction Help, Drug Rehab, Heroin, Methadone, Vicodin

Every day there are stories about people who start their drug use with a legitimate prescription for painkillers and become heroin addicts. Their lives are ruined. But you can prevent it.

A recent story chronicled the life of one such person. Here’s the time line:

  • At 18, her doctor gave her a prescription for Vicodin for fibromyalgia.
  • Over the next two years she took the drug more and more frequently and, within three years, was a full blown addict. more…

Drug News: October 16, 2014

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DRUG REHAB – USA Christie pledges $12 million to expand ‘Mommy & Me’ drug rehab programs to southern N.J. – Speaking at a residential facility that allows new mothers in recovery to receive treatment for drug addiction without giving up custody of their young children, Gov. Chris Christie today announced he was designating $12 more…

The Mental Blind Spot that Causes Prescription Drug Overdose

Posted under Drug Addiction, Hydrocodone, MsContin, OxyContin, Prescription Drugs

Physical blind spots of the kind that cause car accidents aren’t the only type of blind spot. There are also mental blind spots, to which many victims of prescription drug overdose have fallen prey. more…

Drug News: October 8, 2014

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DRUG REHAB – USA Can we talk drug treatment? ‘Obamacare’ Ky.’s best shot at beating scourge – For the first time, nonprofits and other providers will be able to afford to build treatment facilities, both residential and outpatient, knowing they will be reimbursed for the services. If the law is allowed to work as more…

The Success of Drug Rehab Begins with a Decision

Posted under Adderall, Addiction Help, Ritalin, Successes

All things begin with a decision – including whether to take drugs, drink alcohol, or not, and whether to quit them or stay off them. But the decisions that lead to taking drugs or drinking, or stopping either, might have little to do with the actual drugs. And to be successful in drug rehab, the underlying decisions have to be found and addressed.

What could those decisions be? The person could have made the decisions that led to taking drugs or drinking long before drugs or alcohol came into the picture. more…

Drug News: October 2, 2014

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DRUG REHAB – USA Oklahoma State football: Justin Blackmon voluntarily checks into drug rehab program – NewsOK The winding saga of Justin Blackmon’s personal battle with addiction seems to have recently taken a turn for the better. Jacksonville Jaguars coach Gus Bradley told the Associated Press on Wednesday that the former All-American Oklahoma State wide more…

Teen Prescription Drug Addiction: A Must-See Eye-Opener Film

Posted under Drug Addiction, Prescription Drugs

Do you think it impossible that your kids or their friends are involved in prescription drug addiction or abuse? If so, Out of Reach may be a real shocker. more…

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