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Drug News – November 19, 2015

Posted under Alcohol News, Drug News, Tennessee, Virginia

OPIOIDS – USA FDA Approves Nasal-Spray Version Of Overdose Drug Naloxone – Huffington Post The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Wednesday that it approved a nasal-spray version of naloxone, a drug that can reverse the effects of a heroin overdose. The new version will make it easier to administer and less intimidating than the more…

Babies Born Addicted in Tennessee Three Times National Average

Posted under Drug Addiction, Tennessee, Young People

addicted babyThere’s a law in Tennessee that makes it a criminal offense for a woman to have a baby born with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). NAS happens when the pregnant woman takes opiates or opioids – like heroin, morphine, prescription painkillers – during pregnancy and the baby is born addicted. NAS puts the baby through agony, could cause permanent damage, and risks the baby’s life. The mother is charged with ‘fetal assault’.

Unless you’re an addict, it’s hard to imagine what kind of hell an NAS baby is going through. more…

Drug News – November 12, 2015

Posted under Alaska, Alcohol News, Drug News, Michigan, Wisconsin

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – USA Mac study highlights changing demographic of opioid addictions – The Spec 52 per cent of women cited doctor-prescribed painkillers such as OxyContin and codeine as their first experience with opioid drugs. PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – USA How Doctors Helped Drive the Addiction Crisis – New York Times Starting in the 1990s, there more…

Former Heroin Addict Feels Unstoppable

Posted under Alaska, Heroin, Hydrocodone, OxyContin, Painkillers

addict wins over heroinAlaska has one of the worst heroin problems in the entire U.S. but just like everywhere else in the U.S., the problem often start with prescription drugs. In Jane’s case, she was misdiagnosed and started self-medicating. First with marijuana, then hydrocodone, then oxycontin, and then heroin. How did Jane get sober? more…

Drug News – November 5, 2015

Posted under Alcohol News, Drug News, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island

DRUG ADDICTION – USA Treating drug addiction in R.I.: On call and in demand – Providence Journal Dr. Walter Scott Curtice practices family medicine in much the way small town doctors did a generation ago. He even makes house calls. But along with the traditional chronic health conditions that he helps his patients manage, the more…

Ohio Rejects Legal Marijuana

Posted under Legal Issues, Marijuana, Ohio, THC, Young People

Girl Smoking marijuanaA bill to make medical and recreational marijuana legal was just rejected in Ohio, but it’s hard to say exactly why. Are the residents of Ohio actually against legalizing marijuana, or did they just object to the bill limiting who could grow it? One way or another, Ohio residents are lucky. more…

Drug News: October 29, 2015

Posted under Alcohol News, Drug News, Massachusetts

DRUG REHAB – USA East Bridgewater police take new tack on drug addiction – Enterprise News Earlier this week, the Gloucester Police Department announced it had helped 250 people get into drug addiction treatment facilities in the four months since the department launched an initiative to help addicts find treatment rather than prosecuting them. East more…

East Bridgewater, Mass., Police Help Addicts Get Treatment

Posted under Heroin, Massachusetts, Painkillers, Treatment

Police Officer ThumbsUpIn East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, the police department is now going to follow in the footsteps of Gloucester police by helping drug addicts who come to the station and turn in their drugs get into treatment immediately. Gloucester has had the program going for four months and, so far, has helped 250 addicts find treatment facilities with a bed available for them. more…

Drug News: October 22, 2015

Posted under Alcohol News, Delaware, Drug News

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – USA Your Kids on Oxycontin: Creating the Addicts of the Future – Huffington Post … On the darker side of things, the FDA just approved the use of Oxycontin for children between the ages of 11-16. Now, your kids can legally be prescribed one of the strongest opiate medications on the planet. more…

New York Sheriff Shows Us How to Win the War on Drugs!

Posted under New York, Treatment

Craig AppleCraig Apple, county sheriff in Albany County, New York, is joining the crusade made popular by Gloucester, Massachusetts Police Chief Leonard Campanello to use law enforcement resources to get drug addicts into and through treatment. I am so thrilled with Apple, and Campanello and all the law enforcement guys who are doing this sort of thing. They really could change the whole drug scene – this is the way to win the war on drugs! more…

Drug News: October 15, 2015

Posted under Alcohol News, Drug News, Massachusetts

DRUG / ALCOHOL – USA Scott Disick Checks into Rehab Again After Being Given ‘Ultimatum’ About Kids – People Scott Disick is seeking help. The 32-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has checked himself into rehab following his recent split from girlfriend of nine years Kourtney Kardashian. DRUG ADDICTION – USA Lessons I learned more…

Coerced Drug Addiction Treatment – Is It Right?

Posted under Heroin, Legal Issues, Massachusetts, Painkillers, Prescription Drugs, Treatment

drug overdose in the ERIn most states, an addict who’s overdosed or experienced some other mishap that lands them in the ER is treated and then sent back out into the life that nearly killed them. They often wind up back in the ER and, of course, some of them don’t even make it to the ER the next time. They just die. In Massachusetts, more than 1,200 people died from overdoses of heroin or prescription painkillers last year and Governor Charlie Baker is filing a bill this week that will give hospitals the right to hold addicts who come to the ER for 72 hours so the doctors can assess their condition and determine whether they should be forced to get treatment. more…

Drug News: October 8, 2015

Posted under Arizona, Drug News, Kentucky, Louisiana

DRUG TREATMENT – USA Guest Viewpoint: Drug addicts need more treatment – Press Connects They speak the vote-gathering, politically correct, standard but naïve words about better and more law enforcement being the answer. The only workable answer is vastly increased treatment options for addicts, which we are sadly lacking. DRUG REHAB – USA Tom Hanks more…

Chicago Heroin Overdoses Skyrocket to Double the Normal Rate

Posted under Addiction Help, Fentanyl, Heroin, Illinois

Chicago_RiverChicago’s used to seeing a lot of heroin overdoses. At this time of year (beginning of October) it’s about one every 2 hours. And about 13 percent of those people – more than 550 of them – die. But last week, for a period of 72 hours, the number of overdoses skyrockets to one an hour. Why? more…

Drug News: October 1, 2015

Posted under Alcohol News, Drug News, New York

DRUG ADDICTION – USA Hillary Clinton speaks about drug addiction, says U.S. government should improve treatment access – Mass Live Clinton said the federal government should do more to make treatment accessible to addicts, make the anti-overdose drug Narcan more easily available to first responders and train doctors in safe prescribing practices. ALCOHOL / DRUG more…

Another Promising Athletic Career Ruined by Painkillers

Posted under Heroin, New York, Prescription Drugs

I read a news story today about a former high school and college athlete, DJ, who lost a promising career as an athlete due to an injury. But it wasn’t the injury that put him on the sidelines, it was the prescription drugs he took for the pain. How does taking a painkiller for an injury turn into addiction? more…

Drug News: September 24, 2015

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DRUG ADDICTION – US Carly Fiorina in her own words on her stepdaughter’s death – New York Post During Wednesday night’s GOP debate, Carly Fiorina argued that we need to invest more to treat drug addiction, an issue that has sad personal resonance for the candidate. Her stepdaughter died from drugs, a story she more…

Addiction Help Is Available for Methadone, and the Sooner the Better

Posted under Addiction Help, Florida, Methadone

When it gets to the point where a county medical examiner says he would never let someone in his family take a specific prescription drug unless they were a heroin addict. you know you’re dealing with a dangerous drug. And that’s exactly what Hillsborough County, Florida, Medical Examiner, Vernard Adams, said about methadone. As methadone more…

Drug News: September 17, 2015

Posted under Drug News

Vivitrol success touted in Ohio drug court – Telegraph-Forum

More than 30 judges have visited Hocking County Judge Fred Moses’ courtroom in an attempt to grasp the inner workings of a drug court that he says produces unmatched results. more…

Vivitrol – Is it really a good way to get off drugs or alcohol?

Posted under Ohio, Opiates, Painkillers, Treatment

Vivitrol, a drug that blocks opioid receptors to prevent a person from getting high on narcotic prescription painkillers, heroin and other opiate drugs, is now being given to addicts who appear in Ohio’s drug courts. It’s being touted as a big success. One addict said she can barely remember what it was like to be an addict. BUT, people taking Vivitrol have to keep taking it every month in order for the effect to last. And it’s loaded with side effects and other complications. Is that real rehabilitation? more…

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