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What You Should Know Before You Let Your Teens Drink

A recent survey conducted in Illinois found that most teens that drink get the alcohol from their parents. A lot of parents think that if they’re supplying the alcohol, their teen will drink at home and not get into trouble, and will be safe. However, if parents understood the real consequences of a teen drinking alcohol, they would probably make a different choice.

When The Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) Coalition – who conducted the survey – saw the results, they started a campaign called “Is It Worth It?” And that’s what you need to know.

  • Giving underage kids alcohol is against the law. If parents, or any other adults, are found guilty of even allowing teens to drink at home – no matter who actually supplied the alcohol – they could go to jail for up to one year.  How good a parent are you going to be then?
  • Drinking is harmful, and dangerous. Parents know this, and it is probably a big reason why they allow them to drink at home. They don’t want them out of the house where they could drink too much, drink and drive, drink and have another type of accident, and so on. But do parents ever think about WHY those dangerous things could happen? It’s because of the effects of alcohol. The body and mind, and emotions, are basically out of control. Why would any parent want that for the kid – whether they’re at home or not?
  • Allowing your teen to drink at home is giving alcohol your stamp of approval. No matter what you say – you supplied it. And if you know it’s dangerous and STILL got it for your kid, the message is even worse:“I know this could ruin your life, but I’m going to give it to you anyway.”
  • The brain is not fully developed until age 25. A person’s entire life, entire future, is dependent on their brain working well. Why mess with the development of the brain? Do you want to ruin your child’s future?
  • Alcohol makes changes to the brain in ways that can lead to addiction. People who drink before the age of 15, are four times more likely to get addicted to alcohol than those who wait until later in life. Preferably until the age of 25.
  • Alcohol costs money that could be better used. Put it towards a college fund or something useful. But it’s not only costly for the drinker and the family, it’s also costly in consequences. Like accidents – car and otherwise, alcohol rehab, medical costs for the diseases caused by alcohol, violence, domestic abuse and even rape are also associated with alcohol.

Whatever the reason you think giving your teen alcohol is justified, have a good look at the list above – is it worth it?

If your kids (or you) are already having a problem with alcohol, they probably need alcohol rehab. Call us at 855-889-0555 and we can help you find an alcohol rehab facility that suits your situation. And if your teens are not already drinking, get them to read the list above so they understand the consequences. Talk to them about it. Kids whose parents actually educate them about drugs and alcohol are 50 percent less likely to use them. And that is what you want.

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