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What Parents Need To Tell Their Kids About Alcohol

Kids who do not drink these days are pretty rare. Many of them start when they’re barely in their teens, and some even earlier. How do you keep them from becoming alcoholics?

Many people think of drinking alcohol as as natural as drinking water. In fact, when they get together with friends on a hot summer afternoon, it’s not water they reach for to cool off, it’s beer.

And there are even TV commercials showing us how right, how wonderful, how natural that is. These commercials are designed to make people think that if they drink that kind of beer, they’ll have a great time, be popular, good-looking, carefree, and so on.

Of course, it’s not true. But, let’s face it, if the ads didn’t work, the beer companies wouldn’t be spending millions of dollars on them.

So, make sure your kids know that. Make sure they know they’re being conned.

And let them know the truth about alcohol. For example:

  • Drinking causes problems to get worse. It may give a person temporary relief – like they’re more ‘up,’ or more comfortable with people socially, or not worried about their problems anymore, or they don’t feel that emotional pain they usually feel, or their not frightened. But it only lasts while they’re drinking. The problems are still there when they’re not drinking, and drinking will make them worse.
  • Nearly 70 percent of the people who go to the hospital emergency department have either been drinking or taking drugs. And most of them aren’t serious alcoholics – but when people drink, accidents happen.
  • Once you’ve starting drinking a lot, stopping isn’t easy. And I’m not talking about the addiction factor, of course that makes it hard to quit. But there’s also the physical end of it. How bad are the medical problems when a heavy drinker tried to quit? 20 percent of all alcoholics who try to quit on their own die during withdrawal.

Those are the hard facts.

Let your kids know about these things. Get them to really look at how bad it can get. That should help them realize that drinking has consequences that they really don’t want.

And in case they think they’re immune to all that – that even though it happens to other people, it won’t happen to them. No one who has those happen to them thinks that’s what was going to happen.

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