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The Tragedy of Children of Alcoholics

One of the tragedies of alcoholism and alcohol abuse is the effect on the children of drinkers. A recent study in England concluded that more than one in five children is living with an alcoholic. And about 100,000 infants under one year old.

Not all of those people are diagnosed alcoholics, but they are considered ‘hazardous drinkers’ – which means basically that the amount they drink could have ‘harmful consequences.’ They are, at least, binge drinkers. Defined in England as 6 beers in one sitting for women, and 8 for men.

That might not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but if they knew the effect it was having on their kids, they might have a change of heart.

One young girl called into a hotline saying that her 10 year old brother wants to kill himself, as does her mother. The girl said she can’t sleep at night because she’s so afraid of what she will wake up to in the morning.

Here are a few facts everyone who knows a drinker should know.

  • Children of drinkers are four times more likely to become alcoholics and have problems with drugs.
  • They are also more likely to be compulsive gamblers.
  • 70% become compulsive about alcohol, drugs, food, sex, work.
  • 55% of domestic violence occurs in the homes of people with a drinking problem.
  • 90% of child abuse cases are linked to alcohol.
  • One in three daughters of alcoholics are physically abused, 20% are abused sexually. That’s four times the number in other homes.
  • Half marry alcoholics.
  • Even though these children may appear to be self confident and centered, when life presents them with any difficulties, they often prove to be “insecure, inadequate, dull, unsuccessful, vulnerable and anxious.
  • They have trouble developing and maintaining personal relationships.

There’s no doubt that even though there are many people who are able to break free of the trauma they’ve experienced as the child of an alcoholic, you can see from the numbers that the majority does not.

Even parents who do not drink often underestimate the influence they have on their children, but when someone is drinking, they not only create a worse effect, they are also unable to control what they’re doing. And if they are able to observe what’s happening with their kids, it’s often drives them to drink even more.

If someone in your family is a drinker and there are kids involved, realized that they are quite possibly ruining their kids’ lives. As they have already done, or are well on the way to doing, with their own.

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