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The Need for Alcohol Addiction Help More Prevalent for Smokers

According to a new study, people who smoke cigarettes are 16 times more likely to drink alcohol in ways that cause trouble than non-smokers. And they’re five times more likely to need alcohol addiction help.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise – people who are really concerned about their health and, consequently, don’t smoke cigarettes, are also less likely to be willing to put other poisons in their body – like drugs and alcohol.

The drinking statistics in bars have gone down since smoking was banned in some states – especially among heavy drinkers. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re drinking less, maybe they just left the bar so they could continue drinking elsewhere – somewhere where they can smoke.

In any case, taking up smoking can be a sign that the person who does so is also willing to go a little further. Parents should watch out for this and educate their kids on smoking. But, since smoking and drinking alcohol often go hand in hand, they should also check into the possibility that their kids are drinking or taking drugs of some sort and get them addiction help services right away.

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