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More Women Turning into Alcoholics

NPR recently ran an article about the alcohol industry realizing that women were not ‘fully engaged.’ In other words, being a drinker wasn’t as acceptable to them, or as much as part of their life, as it was with men. So … the industry set out to make some serious changes. They want just as many female alcoholics as male and, guess what, it’s working. More women are drinking, and more women need alcohol rehab.

What did they do to get more women on board? Here are a few examples of their campaigns:

  • Glenfiddich ambassador Heather Greene was quoted in a magazine article, saying “Women have been becoming comfortable with wines for 20 years, and fine liquor is the next frontier. When I started speaking about Glenfiddich and single malts in New York in 2007 there would be at best a handful of women. Now it’s often 40-50%.”
  • Greene also launched the Mrs. Robert’s Single Malt Society.
  • Then there’s the Pittsburgh-based LUPEC, the Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails.
  • Pendleton Whisky, the official spirit of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, also launched their “Pendleton Posse” campaign to encourage more female drinkers.
  • Then Jack Daniels launched “Spike The Cookies,”a holiday campaign getting women to put whiskey into their Christmas cookies.
  • And then there are the drinks: Mommy Juices, Mommy’s Time Out, Cupcake, Happy Bitch, Skinnygirl Vodka, Red Stag, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and so on.

All designed to make drinking sound like a fun thing to do.

And millions of women are falling for it. They think they’re doing something cool when, in fact, they’re being brainwashed just as much as guys who believe they’ll be courting some serious eye candy as soon as they start drinking a certain brand of vodka. Not gonna happen.

There are now as many women with alcohol problems as there are men.  And a lot of them are, or are going to be, moms. They’re not only risking their own health, they’re even risking their child’s future.

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