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If Someone You Care About Needs Help – Get an Intervention

I recently read an article about a mother whose daughter died from an overdose of painkillers. Mom knew her daughter was an addict – and had been for years – but at the time of her death she was already 29 and long past the age where her mother could force her to get addiction help.

Now there is a law in her home State – which she pushed through – allowing family members to more or less commit their family to a full drug rehab.

If she has anything to do with it, other States will follow.

But what do you do if you have a loved one on drugs and do not live in a State where you can force them to get help?
Intervention is the key.

Many interventionists have great success at getting the person on drugs (or alcohol) to admit they have a problem and agree to get help.

Truthfully, addicts will often do that just to get you off their back. But the difference with an interventionist is that things are usually set up beforehand.

The addiction help facility is already chosen. The arrival of the addict is already arranged for. And, once you get their agreement, they’re on their way. There’s no “I’ll go tomorrow,” or next week or any other time.

The time is now. And that’s exactly what’s needed.

So, if you want someone in your family to get alcohol or drug addiction help and can’t get them to cooperate, call us and we can help arrange an intervention. You could not only change their life, you could save it – something they will always be thankful for. No matter how much it seems otherwise at times.

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