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Have You Seen ‘Detoxification Products’ Around the House?

“Detoxification’ products. Sounds like a good thing, right? Something that helps someone get alcohol and drugs out of their system—the first step towards shaking off their alcoholism or drug addiction / abuse and living a good life. Right? Wrong. Guess what ‘detoxification products’ really are. They’re products that help alcoholics and drug addicts cheat the system – so when they get tested for drugs or alcohol in their system, it will look like they’re straight. But they’re not. And they might be dangerous.

Detoxification products generally either substitute the urine (for example) being tested, or they mask urine, saliva or hair being tested, or they flush the alcohol or drugs out of the system so quickly that within 45 minutes or an hour nothing can be detected.

Imagine being an employer who depends on his employees to be totally sober for their own safety, the safety of their products, co-workers, customers, and so on. So … he tests for drugs and alcohol during the hiring process.

But instead of getting the urine from the prospective employee, he gets fake urine, synthesized in a lab, that was carried in on the interviewee in special paraphernalia below their clothes. In their pants, basically.

Or when he asks for the urine sample, he gets the person’s real urine. But just before the interview, the prospective employee has taken pills or a drink that flushed the drugs or alcohol out of their system.

Or maybe the employer takes hair samples. But the person he’s interviewing just washed their hair with a special shampoo that strips the hair of any traces of drugs.

So … he hires them. Next thing you know, the new guy is causing problems. Everything from showing up late, and stoned, to killing someone in an accident in the company car. Or injuring themselves on the job, making a work comp claim, raising the rates so high that you can hardly afford to stay in business.

What else are these detoxification products used for?

Some parents test their kids. And, believe it or not, a lot of kids appreciate it. Their son looks straight, from the test, and they throw him the keys to the car and tell him to have a good time. The parents’ next stop is the local jail – where their son is going to spending a lot of time. He just killed someone by driving while under the influence.

I have to say these ‘detoxification’ products are among the most despicable products ever made. As is anyone who would make them.

A company that was an  ‘industry leader’ with these products–and it’s a BIG industry–was raided by the FBI in 2008. Boxes and boxes of files were taken. I was hoping he’d be out of operation. But the company’s still going strong. Check out ‘detoxification products’ on the Internet and you’ll find them.

There’s a lot of money to be made helping to keep druggies stoned, alcoholics drunk, ruining their lives and the lives of the people who care about them and depend on them. And, sometimes, the company even gets to help someone die – way before their time.

If you see any of these types of products around your house – again, check for them on the Internet so you know what they look like – realize what you’re up against. And get whoever you care about who is using them into drug or alcohol rehab. Fast.

We can help you find an alcohol or drug treatment center that’s best for your situation.

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