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Drinking Could Cause Your Baby To Die Before One Year Old

A recent study showed that if you drink during pregnancy, or in the year after giving birth, your baby is more likely to die from SIDS or some other cause in their first year.

At this point, I think any woman who is not an alcoholic quits drinking when she finds out she’s pregnant. They know that alcohol is poison, damages both the brain and the body, and they don’t want to harm their child.

As for alcoholics, they might not be able to quit without professional addiction help. To be really safe, anyone who is planning on having children, or could become pregnant, should consider getting alcohol rehab now so they don’t have to go through withdrawal while they’re pregnant. That could be very, very dangerous for the baby. And might not be able to be done at all. So, now is the time to act.

For those who don’t quit, you should know that drinking during pregnancy or in the baby’s first year of life is the highest risk factor for SIDS, and that drinking during pregnancy more than doubles the risk of a baby dying in the first year of life for other reasons.

Regarding drinking during pregnancy, said the researchers, “Previous research suggests babies exposed to alcohol in the womb may have abnormalities in the brainstem, which could lead to problems regulating basic body functions like breathing.”

Re drinking during the first year of life, they say that biological factors can’t explain the deaths. I don’t think that is precisely true. For example, a heavy drinker could have been drinking for a month or two before she found out she was pregnant. There’s also a possibility that – even if she quit when she found out she was pregnant – there was still residual alcohol in her system for some time. Also, the damage the alcohol did to mom’s body could have prevented the baby from developing properly or being healthy at birth.

When it comes to drinking after pregnancy, if the mother is breast feeding, the baby’s going to be getting alcohol in his/her system as well.

And then there are the other factors – which is what the researchers are attributing the deaths to when a mother drinks during the baby’s first year of life. The researchers mentioned that a ‘drunken parent may fall asleep with their baby in bed, and accidentally roll over and suffocate the child.”

But there are also other factors – for example, the baby could be in the crib crying or in some kind of trouble and the mother doesn’t hear it because she’s in such a dead sleep from drinking that it’s actually difficult to wake her up.

One way or another, drinkers aren’t necessarily as alert as they should be, don’t exercise good judgment, and don’t respond or react quickly and correctly to things that need attention.

All in all, parenthood and alcohol don’t go together. If you need help quitting, call us at 855-889-0555. We’ve helped thousands find the right solution for them. We can help you, too.

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