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Alcohol Rehab May Be What’s In Store For Children Who Drink Early

Drinking alcohol early in life can lead a lot of alcohol-related problems, and set your kids up for future alcohol abuse and need for alcohol rehab.

It’s not unusual for the kids of parents who drink to ask for a sip, and giving it to them may seem harmless. But researchers from the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health studied about 4,000 sixth to eight graders in the Chicago area and found that among the 12-year-olds who had tried alcohol, a few said they stole it from the family liquor cabinet, 2.4 percent said they got it in a store, and one third said their parents had given them their first drink. Those parents are setting their kids up for alcohol abuse or addiction and the need for alcohol rehab.

As children get older, their alcohol intake increases: 17 percent of sixth graders have tried it, but by eighth grade the percentage nearly triples. This is exactly what most parents hope to prevent – when their kids are offered alcohol, parents hope they’ll just say no.

If your children want to try alcohol at an early age, it’s time to start educating them on the dangers of alcohol. Parents who are drinkers themselves may have a little trouble with this – kids are notorious for doing as you do, not as you say. Educate them early, and you could prevent the need for an alcohol rehab program in the future.

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