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Alcohol Rehab for Hasselhoff? When Is He Going to Get Into Successful Treatment?

David Hasselhoff went on another binge and spent two days in the hospital. It’s amazing that he’s still in a custody battle. The kids were taken from him temporarily after the video appeared online, taken by his daughter, of him lying on a floor, drunk, trying to eat a hamburger, but he got them back. I don’t know anything about his wife, but she’s got to be a real monster if a judge thinks Hasselhoff is the better parent. Fortunately, his girls are 15 and 17 years old, and can more or less take care of themselves. But Hasselhoff really needs a good alcohol rehab program.

He obviously cares about his kids, but even the possibility of losing them to his ex isn’t enough motivation for him to stay away from the booze. I’d say that only a long-term residential alcohol rehab program is going to straighten him out – short stints here and there are obviously not working.

When you think about it, the hold drugs and alcohol can have on you it is really nothing short of evil. Hasselhoff’s problems may be in the news, but there are 15 million people out there, in America alone, who abuse alcohol enough to need treatment.

Drug education programs should add the Hasselhoff video to their arsenal. Would you want your kids to take a video of you in that condition? An alcohol rehab program is a much better choice.

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