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Drug News: October 23, 2014

When Jordin Tootoo knew he needed drug rehab – Sports.Yahoo

I was still hung to the gills and I reeked of booze. I was thinking,’ What the [expletive] did I do now?’—and I really didn’t know. I tried to trace events back to Saturday night, but I had no clue. I had been so drunk I’d blacked out. Of course, the first thing I did was deny any wrongdoing. I said that it hadn’t been me.

Addiction-riddled Kentucky out for blood in $1B suit against OxyContin-maker Purdue – Fierce Pharma

To settle or not to settle? That’s always the question in drugmaker lawsuits, but Purdue Pharma faces a more dramatic choice than most in a Kentucky lawsuit. As Bloomberg reports, the state accuses the OxyContin maker of Medicaid fraud, false advertising, and 10 other claims–but the addiction epidemic is the crux of the matter.

Why Opioids May Not Be Best for Your Chronic Pain – Cleveland Clinic

From late 1980s through early 2000s, physicians tried to improve the way they treated chronic pain by prescribing opioids for more people. They believed that by taking the highly addictive drugs only as prescribed, patients wouldn’t become addicted. This thinking was quickly proved wrong. “Reality caught up with us,” says Dr. Rosenquist. “Over the years, we learned that dependence on opioids develops quickly.” The consequences have been making headlines ever since.

Former Ludlow police lieutenant Thomas Foye pleads guilty to drug crimes; sentencing next week –

Foye, choking up in tears, told Hampden Superior Court Judge Mary Lou Rup: “I just want you to know your honor I did not choose addiction. No one chooses one disease they don’t throw fundraisers for. It chose me.” Foye became addicted to Oxycontin after a series of back, shoulder and hip surgeries.

Elizabeth Pena died from complications related to alcohol abuse: report – NY Daily News

The 55-year-old TV and movie star stunned Hollywood when she passed away last week, from “cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol.”

Hundreds of under-10s given treatment for alcohol abuse – Express

“People will be shocked that more than 200 children under 10 were treated for alcohol-related injury or illness. They should be out kicking a ball about, not hitting the bottle. “It should set alarm bells ringing that so many who shouldn’t be drinking at all are being treated for alcohol-related conditions.

Powerful Ad That Deals With Parental Alcohol Abuse – 2dayfm

We all know that children can’t choose their parents. But what if they could? Would that change the way we as parents behave?

Shock at level of alcohol abuse – Accrington Observer

Shock health figures have revealed that five Accrington residents per day are hospitalised for alcohol abuse. The number of hospital admissions among Accrington men and women has increased by almost 50 per cent between 2008 and 2013.

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