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Drug News: October 22, 2010

Prescription Drug Abuse – USA
Quest Diagnostics reports use of prescription opiates by American workers has increased by 40% – THE MEDICAL NEWS

Accidents do happen, but many times the incident could have been prevented when it is a result of prescription drug abuse.

Ending Drug Abuse – Georgia
Annual summit focuses on breaking cycle of drug abuse –

Former NFL star Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson became aware of the effects of alcohol as a 10-year-old. He did not abuse the drug himself at that age, but he saw how it affected his mother and stepfather’s relationship.

Mephedrone Ban Request – European Union Nations
EU Calls For Ban on ‘Meow Meow’ Drug – MeDINDIA

The European Commission Wednesday called for a ban on suspected killer drug mephedrone, a popular ecstasy-like party drug known as “meow meow”, sold on the Internet and available in 12 EU nations.

Drug Trafficking – Massachusetts
Mass. Arrests 31 In Organized Crime Investigation –

BOSTON — Authorities have charged 31 people in a yearlong investigation into organized crime and drug trafficking, including reputed New England mob capo Mark Rossetti.

Methamphetamine – Use During Pregnancy
Prosecution of Drug Abuse During Pregnancy – HEATH & WELLNESS

Kirsten Scharnberg, a Tribune National correspondent reported, “Tayshea Aiwohi is charged with consuming such huge amounts of crystal meth while she was pregnant that her son died of methamphetamine poisoning two days  after his birth” (Scharnberg, 2003). Cases such as this are appearing much more often in the spotlight recently. Prosecution against pregnant drug addicts has escalated greatly in recent years in a hope to protect the unborn fetus the women are carrying. Women who drink during pregnancy risk delivering a child with fetal alcohol syndrome, as well as mental retardation. Drug abuse exponentially increases the risk of miscarriage as well as much physical and mental impairment in the fetus.

Drug Abuse Prevention – US Air Force Musicians
Air Force musicians take a visible stand against drug abuse – U.S. AIR FORCE

10/21/2010 – SAN ANTONIO (AFNS) — The Air Force’s Band of the West is reaching out to thousands of school children in San Antonio with a “Stay in School” and “Say No to Drugs” message.

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