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Drug News: November 6, 2014

New Way To Help Meth Addicts Stay Clean: Antibodies – Sci Tech Today

Designing medications and immune therapies that blunt a drug addict’s high and help him kick his habit is a promising idea. And someday soon it is expected to yield actual medications for addiction.

Group preparing proposals to address, stem drug abuse epidemic across Maine – Bangor Daily News

People suffering from addiction who end up in the hospital or jail because of their drug use often want to receive help to prevent it from happening again. However, the waiting list to enter treatment can be lengthy, and hospitals and jails are only equipped to treat withdrawal symptoms for a short period before releasing the individual, who often ends up going back to his or her old ways without pursuing treatment further.

Heroin Addict Emerges From an Arizona Cave to Help Others – Bloomberg

Adopted at birth, he grew up in the Massachusetts communities of Danvers and Peabody where he excelled at soccer. His creeping addiction first showed itself in his early teens when he’d stash booze that he stole from high school parties in the woods to keep himself supplied. Later, he binged on club drugs and shot heroin for the first time in a Dunkin’ Donuts bathroom.

Killing pain: How safe are opioids? – Daily UW

Gary Franklin, a research professor in the UW department of environmental and occupational health sciences and the Medical Director for the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, argues opioids carry too much risk for any use outside of cancer-associated pain. Therefore, Franklin argued, chronic opioid prescriptions should be eliminated for almost all of their current applications.

Bouncing back: Georgetown College point guard once a top recruit before addiction derailed plans –

About four years ago, Cottrill broke one of the sesamoid bones in his left foot. More pain came prior to his high school senior year when he was involved in a car wreck that required more than 90 stitches to bind his wounds. By then, Cottrill was hailed as a basketball savant. Easily a top 100 national prospect and the No. 1 player in West Virginia. “So, I felt a lot of pressure that I had to perform every game …,” he said. “I don’t think I should have felt that, but I did. Everybody was watching me, so I was so scared to mess up. I just wanted to play to the best of my potential, so I started relying on (drugs). It became a habit, I guess.”

Texas woman dies after first dose of Ecstasy – USA Today

A Texas State student died last month after what friends say was her first experience with the drug Ecstasy. Jessica Hunter, 21, took the drug at the Austin City Limits festival on Oct. 5 and later had a seizure on the sidewalk.

MDMA (Ecstasy) drug guide for parents – Bedford Wicked Local

The Drug Enforcement Administration considers MDMA to be a Schedule I controlled substance, which means it has a high potential for abuse and no accepted use in medical treatment. Parents really need to talk with their kids and not take the use of Ecstasy lightly.

Recovery from alcohol addiction can make you an insomniac – The Health Site

The findings of a recent study revealed that incidence of insomnia during early recovery may be five times higher than the general population and may persist for months to years and hence ‘treating sleep disturbance in early recovery may have considerable impact on maintenance of sobriety and quality of life.’

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