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Drug News: November 13, 2014

Non-addictive narcotic painkillers may be close – Courier-Journal

Besides being non-addictive, drug makers say, it doesn’t cause nausea, … doctors, regulators and patients about OxyContin’s addiction risk.

Woman recovering from $100K/month addiction turns to “miracle treatments – ABC7Chicago

Now she’s using this treatment to fight addiction … But what happens when a medication becomes an addiction? … “OxyContin, oxycodone, dalotta, all of them.

Former Celtics player Chris Herren shares story of addiction, recovery – GazetteNet

Herren, six years clean after a 14-year addiction to drugs and alcohol … after a friend sold him the time-release painkiller OxyContin at age 23.

A mother’s story of agony over her son’s death, by his own hand in the county jail – The Altamont Enterprise

A grieving mother wants her son’s death to be a wakeup call for the county jail. Maryanne Rappaport, whose son, Adam, hanged himself in the Albany County jail last month, is committed to policy reform for the institution

The Sad Reason Anthony Bourdain Was Filming in My Hometown – Aleteia

What could possibly bring Anthony Bourdain to film in this sleepy, dusty little corner of Western Massachusetts known for its pleasant (but typical) New England scenery and history? The answer made my heart sink.

Woman details her life as an addict – Beckley Register-Herald

The life that Beth Webb lives now is the life she’d wanted as a 21-year-old mom. Her comfortable life is far different from the lifestyle she was living six years ago. In those days, she often woke up sick. She was homeless. She risked jail time and her health to get prescription painkillers like Oxycontin and Lortab.

Biogenesis owner Anthony Bosch extends rehab for cocaine addiction – Fox Sports

The former owner of the South Florida clinic that supplied performance-enhancing substances to major league baseball players will get more drug rehabilitation. A federal judge on Wednesday agreed to delay sentencing for Anthony Bosch from Dec. 18 to Feb. 17. Bosch lawyer Guy Lewis says Bosch needs a second phase of treatment for his admitted cocaine addiction.

Transition from moderate to problem drinking hinges on genetic material – Medical News Today

Having a few drinks with friends is a regular part of social life for many individuals, but for over 7% of adults in the US, just a “few drinks” can quickly turn into problem drinking or alcohol use disorder.

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