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Drug News: May 6, 2012

Children increasingly bear brunt of drug-abuse crisis – Daytona Beach News-Journal

Every hour, a baby is born in the United States addicted to prescription painkillers. Once born, the babies have to be weaned off the drugs. The Associated Press recently documented the case of a newborn less than one month old, named Savannah, who had regular does of methadone dripped onto her tongue.

‘She’d Stockpile Drugs So She Wouldn’t Run Out’: New Details of Whitney Houston’s Drug Habit, Spent Thousands of Dollars a Week – Fox News

So, why didn’t her friends and family step in? “The family was afraid of the embarrassment on some level and wouldn’t confront her early on. Her mother would always say, ‘I don’t understand this drug thing.’ And she didn’t. They let it get too bad before they understood she needed serious help, and then it was too late.”

Changes could save drug addicts’ lives – Orange County Register

At 12:49 a.m. on Feb. 4, 2010, Matt Koegel, a buddy of San Clemente resident Joey Kennedy, called 9-1-1 to report that his pal had overdosed. Afraid of getting arrested, Matt didn’t mention that he had partied with Joey for two days and left him, snoring, on the lonely road in the dark. The dispatchers puzzled over the call. Was it just another prank? But the confusing report was true. The son of a San Clemente couple, James and Teri Kennedy, was indeed dying from a lethal mix of Xanex and methadone, an opiod.

Sox pitcher Price suspended 50 games –

Red Sox minor leaguer Mathew Price was suspended for 50 games due to a violation of the minor league drug prevention and treatment program by twice testing positive for a drug of abuse. Major League Baseball announced the suspension today.

Drug-addicted babies another casualty in prescription drug abuse – Chillicothe Gazette.

While some expectant mothers with addicted babies say they didn’t realize their legal prescription drug use could harm the baby, many others are addicted and unable to quit for various reasons.

Are my Detroit Tigers serious about alcohol abuse or not? – Times Union

I’m a Detroit Tigers fan so this is difficult to ask, but is my favorite team soft on booze and bad behavior? I’m starting to wonder, and I’ll bet others are, too. My concern stems most recently – but not exclusively – from left fielder Delmon Young’s arrest last weekend.

Prescription drug abuse abetted by family, friends: study – Reuters

More than 70 percent of people who abuse prescription pain relievers obtain the drugs from friends or relatives, usually with permission and for free, according to a government study released on Wednesday.

Alcohol education efforts hurt by insurers’ denials – Times Union

Up to half of the people treated at hospital emergency departments and trauma centers are under the influence of alcohol, experts say. That might be a sobering statistic, but a recent study found that emergency departments can help capitalize on this “teachable moment” to discourage problem drinking.

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