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Drug News: March 25, 2012

The Situation in drug treatment – The Hour

The party is on hold for The Situation. The “Jersey Shore” cast member is getting treatment for prescription medication use. Mike Sorrentino says he’s voluntarily seeking to “take control” of medication he was taking to deal with exhaustion.

Celebrity addicts: Who dies, who survives, and why? –

Singer Whitney Houston’s death last month from accidental drowning from the effects of cocaine use and heart disease throws bright light on a dark corner of the world of celebrities who wrestle with substance abuse.

Vital Signs: Start young to prevent substance abuse – The Daily Progress

Children who begin drinking before the age of 15 are seven times more likely to develop substance abuse problems as adults. Postponing or preventing children and adolescents from using alcohol is an important way to assure that children will not have to struggle with addiction as adults.

Prosecutor: Ex-Miss Russia is getting in pill trouble in NYC drug rehab program – Washington Post

Prosecutors say a former Miss Russia has been hoarding pills to try to get high while in court-ordered drug treatment. A New York City judge said Tuesday that Anna Malova can stay in a residential rehabilitation program for now. But she may have to go to trial if she gets another bad behavior report at a May 1 court date.

Local popularity of designer drug bath salts grows – Utica Observer Dispatch

Dr. Tim Page has seen ER patients on hallucinogenic highs that last for days. Sometimes, they become so violent they need physical restraints to protect them. But they haven’t taken common drugs such as LSD, coke or amphetamines. They have taken designer drugs known as bath salts.

Narconon Freedom Center Actively Supports Governor Snyder’s Efforts to Reinvent Michigan – PR Web

Narconon Freedom Center, an alcohol and drug rehab facility that also provides community drug prevention education, actively supports Governor Snyder’s efforts to take back Michigan cities overwhelmed by unemployment, drugs and crime.

Alcohol abuse contributes to big rise in deaths from liver disease – The Guardian

Heavy drinking is a major cause of a 25% increase in deaths from liver disease in England in under a decade, according to the government’s specialist NHS unit on terminal care.

Pill mills’ effects showing up in neonatal units, doctors say – Bellingham Herald

On any given day, more than one-third of the babies in the neonatal intensive care unit at Manatee Memorial Hospital have been exposed to drugs. Their mothers have passed the curse of substance abuse to their newborns.

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