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Drug News: March 11, 2012

9 Hospitalized After Long Island Party Promoting “Blackout” Alcohol Consumption – NBC

About 1,600 people attended the party Saturday night at the Paramount in Huntington, according to Suffolk County police. Nearly all of those taken out by ambulance crews suffered from alcohol poisoning, said Lt. Joseph Condolff.

Parents finding purpose in heroin deaths – Seattle Today

Parents who have lost children to heroin take some solace in sharing their stories, raising awareness and meeting others who are grieving.

Wake up parents: Alcohol abuse, other drugs threats to kids – Agri-View

It’s not rising farm input costs, the animal rights movement or even languishing economies in rural communities that are the most alarming threats to rural America. It’s something way too many farm and rural families don’t necessarily even want to acknowledge. It’s alcohol and drugs.

Suncoast Rehabilitation Center & Narconon Drug Rehab ED Responds to News of Recent Drug 10X Stronger Than Vicodin –

Suncoast Rehabilitation Center and Narconon Drug Rehab Executive Director, Tammy Strickling, speaks out with grave concerns over the recent news that Pharmaceutical companies are in the final stages of developing a prescription pain killer 10X Stronger than Vicodin. With the dramatic increase in the large numbers of fatal painkiller overdoses, Strickling asks, “Why the need for another painkiller?”

Rick Scott to Decide on Random Drug Testing for State Employees – Sunshine State News

State employees would face the chance of being randomly drug tested once every three months under a bill, SB 1358, the Senate approved 26-14 Friday. The bill would also remove provisions that currently prohibit a state agency from firing an employee for failing the test. Employees who fail a test and are required to participate in an alcohol or drug rehabilitation program would have to pay for their treatment.

Study: Movies that show drinking may encourage underage alcohol abuse – ‎NewsChannel

The scientists gave the kids a list of 50 movies, with a varying number of drinking scenes, and asked them which movies they watched. The study linked the amount of alcohol consumed in the films to the prevalence of binge drinking among the 10-to-19-year old participants.

Addiction costs state more than annual budget – Tulsa World

Addiction costs Oklahoma and its residents an estimated $7.2 billion a year. That’s more than the state government’s budget of $6.7 billion. That’s roughly $1,900 for every man, woman and child in the state. Enough to create about 273,000 median-wage jobs. Enough to build nine skyscrapers like Oklahoma City’s Devon tower. It’s not just a matter of money. The abuse of street and prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other addictive substances exacts a terrible toll on people’s health, well-being and quality of life.

One in 10 Americans Recovering From Substance Abuse – Medscape

Ten percent of adult Americans (23.5 million persons) consider themselves to be in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse, results of a new survey reveal.

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