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Drug News: January 20, 2010

Drugs – USA
Drug Peddlers – Fighting Them For Your Childrens’ Lives – Ezine @rticles

When it comes to drug peddlers pushing their products that ensnare our people, our friends and family, we, unfortunately, as a society are “fiddling while Rome burns.” Millions of we solid citizens are going to work every day, heading to our offices, our factories, our other work-places intent on bringing home the money to support selves and family. We fool ourselves into thinking that our youngsters are tucked into their safe school environments, so “not to worry.”

Alcohol – USA
Teen’s Friends Sued Over Drinking Death –

Taylor Meyer was 17 years old when she drowned in a Massachusetts swamp after a night of binge drinking beer and vodka shots with her friends, beginning in the basement of one of her friend’s home. When her body was found Oct. 20, 2008 she had a blood alcohol level of .13.

Drunk Driving – USA
DWI Cop Defense: Vionique Valnord, Victim, Was Drunk – Huffington Post

The attorney for a New York City police officer accused of killing a preacher’s daughter while driving drunk has taken up a “blame the victim” defense.

Heroin – UK
‘Mercy killing’ mother is jailed for life – The Independent

A mother who gave her brain-damaged son a lethal heroin injection to end his “living hell” was told today she must serve at least nine years in jail.

Drugs – USA
Mom, Husband: Drugs Didn’t Kill Murphy – The Associated Press

A month after her sudden death, Brittany Murphy’s mother and husband say they are convinced the actress died of natural causes, not drugs or an eating disorder.

Alcohol – USA
Woman With .708 Blood-alcohol Level Pleads Guilty – The Associated Press

Woman Who Likely Set A South Dakota Record For Blood-alcohol Level Pleads Guilty

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