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Drug News: February 23, 2011

Rehab: A Public Nightmare in Tijuana – San Diego Reader ‎

Right before they ask for a donation, they mention the benefits of drug rehabilitation. Most of them are young men, but it is possible to spot women as well. They usually sell chocolate, lollypops, canned sodas, water, and even incense.

Drug users leaving treatment centers in Illinois, service providers say – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. • Social service providers say drug addicts are walking out of detox centers around Illinois this week, upon learning that the state government is eliminating funding for substance abuse treatment services, in a move expected to save $53 million.

Patsy Palmer: ‘I’m glad I turned down heroin’ – What’s On TV ‎

In an interview due to air on ITV1 in the next few weeks, Patsy told how she was offered heroin once but refused as she feared she might end up like her drug-addict brother. According to The Sun, Patsy said: “I was offered heroin once, I remember it well.”

McMinn Co Sheriff Challenges Retailers Not to Sell Main Component in Meth – WDEF News 12

Wolfenden is on the front line in the war against methamphetamine. The pharmacist already keeps over the counter drugs with pseudoephedrine, a chief component in meth, behind the counter at his Cleveland and Athens stores. But now Sheriff Joe Guy wants to take it a step further.

Mother of children who died in fire denied bond – Atlanta Journal Constitution‎

Neibi Brito, 22, whose children died in what police suspect was a fire caused by chemicals used in methamphetamine production, is being held without bond, pending a preliminary hearing this Wednesday.

Candy-shaped drugs unsafe: RCMP – CBC ‎

Police are worried teenagers are being duped into believing the illegal drug ecstasy is not dangerous. RCMP Cpl. Steve Conohan said traffickers are selling ecstasy pills that look like valentine’s candies to suggest they are harmless.

The puzzling controversy over an Ecstasy fact card – Los Angeles Times‎

As a physician who has researched and written extensively about MDMA, I took a keen interest in the Ecstasy fact card controversy developing in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Department of Public Health is taking quite a bit of heat …

Ala. bans drinks that combine alcohol and caffeine – Bloomberg ‎

The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board has banned the sale in Alabama of canned beer-like drinks that combine caffeine and alcohol. This includes the drink Four Loko, which is popular on some college campuses.

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