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Drug News: February 5, 2008

Chronic Drinking Can Lead To Severe Pneumonia After Surgery, Rodent Study Shows – Science Daily
People who drink often have immune-function problems following surgery. For example, patients who consume alcohol long-term have a two- to five-fold greater chance of post-operation infection complications.

Welcome for plan to stop children’s street drinking – ic Wales

PLANS to give police new powers to confiscate alcohol from under-18s who drink in public were welcomed in Wales yesterday.

Police warn about methamphetamine-laced ecstasy from Canada – Boston Globe
Police say methamphetamine-laced ecstasy, a dangerous illegal drug manufactured in Canada, is turning up in Vermont.

Meth-laced Ecstasy pills arrive in Vt. – Rutland Herald
Vermont State Police say they are seeing the drug crop up in pockets around the state.

How safe are prescription drugs from Mexico? – Delaware The News Journal

Now, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano and her counterparts on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border have floated an idea that would scrutinize the safety of prescription drugs sold in Mexican border towns. They want to create a cross-border testing and inspection program to ensure drug safety.

Misuse of ‘bupe’ is found to be on rise – Baltimore Sun

In a report to federal regulators, the manufacturer of buprenorphine has provided the starkest evidence to date that misuse of the drug is growing in parts of the country where it is most widely prescribed as an addiction treatment.

Risk factors for alcohol and other drug use by healthcare professionals – Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy

Given the increasingly stressful environment due to manpower shortages in the healthcare system in general, substance induced impairment among some healthcare professions is anticipated to grow.

Meth problem likely to increase – Kalamazoo Gazette

Seizures of methamphetamine labs have dropped since December 2005, when a new law was enacted restricting the sale of cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine.

Meth use rising again – MLive
A slew of tough new laws attacking the menace of methamphetamine seemed to be working: 451 meth-lab busts in Michigan in 2005 fell to 201 in 2007.

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