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Drug News: September 10, 2015

Meet the Pastor Helping Korean-Americans Beat Drug Addiction – RYOT

There is the girl whose friends abandoned her in a trash bin after one ruinous binge. The high school debate champion who got addicted to meth within a month of trying pot. The college graduate whose boyfriend persuaded her to try heroin. Some parents are so fearful their family’s secret will be discovered they park two blocks away. “They hide it. There’s no talking about drugs.”

Gathering Political Support for Heroin Addiction’s Most Effective Treatment – PS MAG

Earlier this year, Maia Szalavitz reported on drug-court judges’ refusal to allow defendants to continue their maintenance treatment, putting ailing individuals at risk for recidivism and overdose. In maintenance treatment, those addicted to heroin, OxyContin, and other opioid drugs enter counseling while taking low, daily doses of a medicine such as methadone, which is also an opioid.

Florida must address mounting heroin crisis with addiction treatment – Bradenton Herald

One heroin addict was found dead in a Palmetto parking lot. The Bradenton Police Department received three overdose calls within 11 minutes one July weekend, and Manatee County EMS responded to 57 overdose calls over the July Fourth weekend. Another user survived an overdose after being found on the floor of a restroom of the Manatee County Department of Health, an ironic twist to an out-of-control heroin crisis here and elsewhere.

Ky. to get part of $2.5M to fight heroin crisis – Courier-Journal

The Office of National Drug Control Policy said $2.5 million in particular would target a “severe heroin threat” in five regional “high-intensity drug trafficking areas,” including Appalachia, which contains 26 counties in Kentucky and states such as Tennessee and West Virginia. Most of the other four targeted areas are urban: Washington, D.C., Baltimore, New York City, New Jersey, New England and the Philadelphia area.

Arizona Gets $3.5M Grant To Address Prescription Drug Addiction – KJZZ

The Arizona Department of Health Services is getting a $3.5 million grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to fight a serious drug problem in the state: prescription drug addiction. Christ said one statistic shows the depth of the problem — last year, one person a day died as a result of prescription drug addiction.

Alcohol Addiction is Ruining Older Lives, Too – The Guardian

I know something of the devastation alcohol addiction can bring from experience within my own family. My much loved aunt struggled with severe alcoholism for 20 years, before falling while drunk in her early 60s and suffering a brain hemorrhage, which led her to develop dementia.

DEA: ‘Meth … is dark horse riding side by side with heroin’; Mexican cartels operating in Northwest – Q13 Fox

A drug epidemic is fueling crime in western Washington and now we know where it is coming from. The DEA has already seized more meth this year than ever before and it can be traced right back to the cartels. Robert Dixon weighed just 129 pounds last November. His drugs of choice? Meth and heroin.

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