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Drug News: October 29, 2015

East Bridgewater police take new tack on drug addiction – Enterprise News

Earlier this week, the Gloucester Police Department announced it had helped 250 people get into drug addiction treatment facilities in the four months since the department launched an initiative to help addicts find treatment rather than prosecuting them. East Bridgewater Police took notice and also wanted to do something.

Atwater: Misconceptions of addiction, fear continue stigma – Northwest Herald

Some feel strongly that alcoholism is simply drinking too much too often, and that with enough will power anyone can stop. It’s hard to understand powerlessness if you haven’t experienced it. Often family members don’t recognize their own feelings of powerlessness over the alcoholic or addict and respond with anger or disdain.

Risks of addiction with prescription opioids underestimated – Richmond Times-Dispatch

Even people taking opioid medications as prescribed are at greater risk of becoming addicted than they or their doctors suspect, a speaker at a University of Richmond conference on addiction said Friday.

‘There’s gotta be a better life’ – Richland Source

It started out as a way to “fit in.” That’s how Mansfield man Steven Lowe, 38, described the beginning of his drug and alcohol use. “I used to fit in and do what everybody else was doing,” Lowe said. “I was raised here in Little Kentucky and drugs and alcohol was a big part of the community.”

Mom reflects on loss of daughter to drug addiction – Burlington Free Press

I am a mother who lost her 38-year-old daughter this year to an accidental and deadly combination of drugs and alcohol. I’m also a relative newcomer to the almost daily media conversation about drugs, and must admit I wish I weren’t a part of it now. My credentials are loss and grief beyond anything ever imagined or experienced in my lifetime.

America’s drug problem starts in the doctor’s office – The Seattle Times

You would have been hard-pressed to find a police chief in his office in the last few days. Dozens of them were in Washington, D.C., lobbying to get more people out of prison. They want to end the mandatory jail terms judges are forced to bestow for what are seen less as criminal acts than cries of desperation.

Psychiatric Drugs and Violence: A Review of FDA Data Finds A Link – Psychology Today

There has been an enduring controversy over whether psychiatric medications can trigger violent actions toward others. A review (link is external) of the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System  by Thomas Moore, Joseph Glenmullen and Curt Furberg, which was published by PLoS One on December 15, found that such “adverse events” are indeed associated with antidepressants and several other types of psychotropic medications.

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