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Drug News: October 1, 2015

Hillary Clinton speaks about drug addiction, says U.S. government should improve treatment access – Mass Live

Clinton said the federal government should do more to make treatment accessible to addicts, make the anti-overdose drug Narcan more easily available to first responders and train doctors in safe prescribing practices.

Recovering substance abusers brave stigma by giving up secrecy – Washington Post

For decades, anonymity has been a bedrock principle of Alcoholics Anonymous and other groups that help people recover from substance abuse. Law student Chris Poulos has been in recovery from a substance abuse disorder since 2007 but kept that secret for years. Here he explains why he joined a grassroots movement that encourages people in recovery to abandon anonymity.

How Treatment Courts Can Reduce Crime – The Atlantic

Court-mandated substance-abuse treatment programs can keep people out of prison and save tax-payer dollars, so why aren’t they being utilized?

Athlete-to-addict: Painkillers turn players to heroin –

Once a small-college All-American lacrosse player, the Yorktown resident, who also wrestled and played football in high school, became addicted to painkillers after he was hurt playing lacrosse in his junior year in college.

10 Essential Facts About Alcohol Abuse – Everyday Health

Most people who drink do not develop a problem with alcohol, and don’t have the physical problems related to alcohol abuse or alcoholism. But before you take your next drink, you may want to consider these 10 essential facts about alcohol abuse.

Pain-pill abuse kills hundreds in our suburbs –

Pain-pill abuse has ignited a heroin crisis, but prosecutors say their efforts to get ill-gotten pills off the streets have been blocked by the New York state Department of Health.

ALCOHOL – Global
Lockout laws work: regulation key to curbing alcohol abuse – The Australian

When it comes to the alcohol industry and the public interest it seems fair to say never the twain shall meet. The alcohol industry, which encompasses what is rather euphemistically known as the hospitality industry, exists to manufacture and sell alcohol. As far as this industry is concerned, the more we drink, the better.

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