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Drug News – January 14, 2016

From one parent to others: Drug addiction also threatens your family – Central Maine

I love my family unconditionally and would do anything to ensure their health and safety. Yet I almost lost my daughter to a debilitating addiction to drugs. My daughter attended college in New York. In her sophomore year, my husband and I began to notice changes in her behavior on her trips home, but we didn’t fully understand what was happening.

FCA rep encourages drug-free lifestyle – Star Herald

FCA looks to coach the coaches, and help them become an influence in athletes’ daily lives and helping them live a life that can be a positive influence to other athletes and the community as a whole.

Drug addiction program keeps moms, kids together – Indy Star

For four years, ShaLyn Arnold lost herself in a haze of drugs. Two of her children moved in with a grandparent. The Indiana Department of Child Services intervened with Arnold’s other two children….

Counselors warn against drug-based treatment for opioid addiction – Salem News

“There’s this growing perception that medically assisted treatment is the only answer, but it’s not,” said Joanne Peterson, executive director of Learn to Cope, an advocacy group that counsels families of addicts. “I’ve seen methadone save people’s lives, but it really concerns me that 18- and 19-year-olds are being put on it.”

Lanier Tech student walks road to recovery after battling alcohol addiction – Gainseville Times

On an average day, Cory Taylor wakes up in his childhood home, gets dressed and heads to class at Lanier Tech in Oakwood. Taylor is studying to become an X-ray technician. Once school is over, he heads for home. But not before making at least one stop at the Halt Club next to the campus of First Baptist Church in Gainesville.It is where he attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Why I Will Never Call Myself an Alcoholic – Stewardship Report

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that alcohol is killing men and women at record numbers. Even more terrifying is that, according to the CDC, alcohol related deaths account for four times as many deaths as all prescription and illegal drug overdoses combined.

Marijuana gaining popularity among teens – NP Telegraph

“There’s definitely been an increase since marijuana became legal in Colorado,” Roberts said. “We know that when the availability of a drug increases, perception of less or no harm and increased use also occur.”

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