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Drug News: December 24, 2015

The Tricky Relationship Between Marijuana and American Indians – In These Times

American Indian newborns are 8.7 times more likely than white babies to be born with NAS. Add to that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD), and we’ve got a pretty dire situation for the next generation. What would marijuana do to this?

Drug addiction major campaign topic in N.H. – WMUR

“I thought he was dead,” Jeannine Metivier said as she led police officers to the security camera footage. “He had his head backwards and he was blue, he was all blue.” It was a recent Friday night just after 7 p.m. and the Manchester police department was responding to its 13th overdose call of the week at a local restaurant.

FDA Closer To Decision On Approving Implant Treatment For Drug Addiction – CBS Local

An implant could be the newest weapon in the fight against the growing epidemic of drug addiction, which is now a problem in neighborhoods everywhere. The Probuphine implant is currently being reviewed by the FDA and was tested in the Philadelphia area.

Could Magnets Help Treat Drug Addiction? – Smithsonian

Two years ago, Antonello Bonci, a researcher at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, published a study in the journal Nature. After making rats so addicted to cocaine they’d brave electric shocks to get their fix, Bonci’s team stimulated the rats’ brains with a relatively new technique called optogenetics.

Web sales ‘fuel stress drug addiction’ – BBC

Deaths linked to a commonly prescribed class of drug, used to treat anxiety and insomnia, reached record levels in England and Wales last year. There were 372 fatalities involving benzodiazepines, up 8% on the previous year, and the highest level since records began in 1993, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Americans are DRINKING themselves to death: Alcohol poisoning and cirrhosis ‘deaths hit record high’ – Daily Mail

30,700 people in the US died in 2014 from alcohol-induced causes. However, alcohol abuse led to 2,000 more deaths than opioids in 2014.

Beer flavored candy could lead to alcohol addiction – NewsWest9

There’s a new type of candy that’s attracting the attention of kids and young adults that, despite it’s Likely intentions, could have serious consequences: alcoholic beverage flavored candy. “No, this is not for kids,” Ella Moreland, an East Texan resident said. It’s a candy that won’t leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth. “It tastes like the aroma of beer.”

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