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Drug News: August 27, 2015

Rauner cuts drug-treatment funding from heroin

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed Monday critical pieces of a bill intended to fight heroin addiction and overdoses, saying that while he supports the measure in principle, the state can’t afford it. But can they afford to not take these measures?

Opiate Addiction: Sociologists Construct Distinct Profiles For Heroin And Prescription Painkiller Users – Medical Daily

Heroin abuse is relatively rare in the United States. However, a new Penn State University study finds the growing availability of this drug has increased its use, while abuse of prescription painkillers also continues to rise. The combination has changed the face of addiction with previously untouched groups now being affected.

When Pain Kills – AARP

After years of suffering from a degenerative back condition, Betty Tully worried that she was already taking too many pills. But when her doctor reassured her that a long-acting opioid medication called OxyContin would fight her pain without any negative repercussions, she decided to try it.

FDA Approves OxyContin For Extremely Sick Kids – Huffington Post

The U.S. Food and Drug Association approved the painkiller OxyContin for children ages 11 to 16 with pain “severe enough to require daily, around-the-clock, long-term opioid treatment. Some experts expressed concern that the approval might lead to drug misuse among children or their family members, who may have access to the drugs.

Alcohol abuse: When drinking goes too far – Colorado Daily

Students face myriad choices during their time at CU-Boulder. Along with what classes to take and which extracurricular groups to join, students also can choose to abstain from alcohol — and many do.

3 charged after exposing children to spice, methamphetamine, police say –

Two women and a man were arrested on the same day but in separate incidents after lawmen say they exposed young children to illegal drugs.

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