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Drug News: August 16, 2013

Craig Ehlo’s arraignment delayed because of drug rehab – USA Today

Ehlo is facing charges of reckless burning after sheriff’s deputies found him outside his home earlier this month next to a pile of his burning clothes. Ehlo said he had problems with prescription drugs dating back at least six years.

More People Released from Oregon Prisons Need Substance-Abuse Treatment – Public News Service

Of about 4,500 people considered to be high-risk for relapse or reoffending, state auditors found over a recent three-year period (2008-2011), about half did not receive substance abuse treatment when they were released, although it was recommended.

Prescription drugs take deadly toll on roads – Chicago Tribune

On a chilly April morning, retired construction worker Philip Smith was driving down a Lake County road when police say he sailed through a red light, smashing his Jeep into the side of a school bus with 35 children on board. Smith died at the scene. Investigation concluded: “impaired judgment by having multiple (legally prescribed and taken) drugs in his system.”

Lisa Robin Kelly No Signs of Drugs, Trauma – TMZ

Lisa’s boyfriend took her to the hospital Sunday, where she registered a .34 blood alcohol level, which is borderline fatal. She died in her sleep Wednesday night.

A call for more opioid dependence treatment – Medical News Today

A new report from Simon Fraser University researcher Bohdan Nosyk calls for the expansion of heroin and opioid medical treatment to stem the increase of overdose deaths.

Marijuana Is The ‘New Beer’: Pro-Pot Ad Debuts At NASCAR Race, Marks First Major Sporting Event For Effort – Huffington Post

The 30-second TV ad might look and sound a lot like a typical beer ad, but it’s actually promoting an alternative: legal marijuana. The ad, titled “New Beer,” is from the Marijuana Policy Project — the nation’s largest pro-marijuana legalization advocacy group.

One in 10 Americans have taken drugs prescribed for others – Reuters

Prescription drug misuse has reached epidemic levels and it is now the second most abused category of drugs in the United States, after marijuana. One in 10 Americans admit taking a prescription drug they have not been prescribed, and a quarter of those people have used them just to get high. Six in ten Americans who used another person’s prescriptions did so for pain relief, a fifth took them to sleep or to manage stress and anxiety.

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