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Drug News: April 1, 2012

Prescription Drug Abuse: Governors To Develop Best Practices For States – Huffington Post

The association plans to look at prescription drug abuse from perspectives that include medical, addiction, criminal justice and economic. The issues include trying to end addiction, pill mills, doctor shopping for prescriptions, and robberies of pharmacies. The goal is a comprehensive strategy tackling all aspects of the issue.

Calif. cops dismantle major heroin pipeline – Police News

Police have shut down a heroin pipeline into the city, arresting three suspects. More than 5 pounds of heroin was seized during the investigation, which police said was enough to supply 192 people for a year.

Mom’s Meth Use May Affect Kids’ Behavior – ABC News

At ages 3 and 5, children who had been exposed to methamphetamine in the womb had greater emotional reactivity and higher levels of anxiety and depression than their unexposed peers

The alcohol debate: Forget young binge drinkers… middle-aged and middle class are UK’s main ‘legal high’ abusers – Mancunian Matters

“The first thing to say about alcohol is this: Alcohol is a very strong drug. Alcohol has only one use – it’s a recreational drug. Every year in the United Kingdom somewhere around 9,000 to 40,000 people die as a result of drinking alcohol (depending on how the figures are estimated), while about 2,000 die as a result of all illegal drugs put together.”

Lifting the veil on Afghanistan’s female addicts – Reuters

Smoking opium costs around 200 Afghanis a day ($4), a very expensive habit in a country where a third live beneath the poverty line. Women send their children to collect scrap and bottles to help pay for their habit, or resort to begging, extending a hand to cars from beneath their burqa on busy streets when their husbands have left home.

Campaign targets underage drinkers, parents who provide alcohol – The Times and Democrat

Each year, thousands of teens are killed or injured in traffic crashes as a result of underage drinking. In 2006, more than 18 percent of all 15- to 20-year-old drivers and motorcycle operators killed in traffic crashes in South Carolina had blood alcohol concentration levels of .08 or higher, despite the fact that it is illegal for these drivers to drink any alcohol. Parents need to know that hosting a party or buying their kids or their friend’s kids alcohol is not only illegal, but is extremely dangerous for their teens, for others in the community, and for the parents themselves, given the legal ramifications they face.

Affluent suburbs of Sacramento, Calif., see heroin influx –

Heroin, a drug most often associated with the gritty back alleys of big cities, is making a surprising surge in the affluent suburbs of Sacramento, becoming the new drug of choice.

State attorney general warns of prescription-drug perils – Smithfield Herald

The number of people who abuse drugs prescribed by doctors is on the rise. Teens commonly abuse the drugs, statistics show. One in four high school students will have used narcotics by the time they reach their senior year. Last year, more than 1,000 people in North Carolina died from prescription-drug overdoses.

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