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Addiction Help Services from New Group in Utah

A new group is forming to help Utah residents with prescription drug problems. The group is headed up by Kye Nordfelt, of Utah’s Division of Substance Abuse and, so far, includes about 25 people – everyone from PTA members to health care workers and police. They all want to provide addiction help.  

One of the biggest problems in Utah’s battle with prescription drug addiction, according to local experts, is the reluctance of people who live there to admit they have a problem. This may have something to do with the tenets of the Mormon religion, dominant in Utah, which are very strictly against drug addiction or abuse of any kind. It’s possible that people who do have a problem would try to hide it, even from themselves, rather than face the truth so they can get the addiction help they need.

It’s going to take at least 25 people to really make a dent in the problem. 

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