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Methamphetamine Hitting Texas, Again

meth-before-after (2)Years ago methamphetamine was a real problem in Texas. People could go into a drug store, buy over- the-counter cold medicines that contained pseudoephedrine and use them to make meth in home labs. The state removed these products from the shelves so they could only be bought by going directly to the pharmacist. That was 2006, and the number of meth incidents has gone down every year. Until now.

Last year – the first year in the last 9 that the number of meth incidents has gone up – 6,219 people went to drug rehab centers looking for help with meth addiction. That was an increase of 590 over the year before, according to the Treatment Episode Survey data from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SMHSA).

A recently article in the Texas Tribune quoted Jane Maxwell , research director at the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Social Work, as saying “We’re in the middle of a methamphetamine epidemic.” Ms. Maxwell released a report last month on methamphetamine use in Texas.

Why the Increase in Meth Users?

According to Maxwell, the problem is that more meth being imported from Mexico, and that that meth is more potent.

More potent meth can mean two things:

  1. A stronger effect on the person who takes it, or
  2. the importers can cut the meth (dilute it with another substance), and get more out of it so they can increase profits.

Neither is a good thing. The effects of meth are disastrous, and it’s highly addictive, so the more you take, the more damage it’s going to do. Plus there’s a greater chance of overdose.

If it’s being cut, there will be more of it around, and it will probably be cheaper. It’s already pretty cheap compared to a lot of other drugs – prescription drugs, or example, could easily be five to ten times the price.

But, even worse, you never know for sure what the meth is cut with. It could be anything from flour or powdered milk to ground drywall. How’d you like that stuff in your lungs? Or your veins?

What’s the Appeal of Methamphetamine?

Many people feel great when they first start taking meth. They feel powerful, very alert and somewhat invincible. But it doesn’t take long for those feelings to change to fear and paranoia. And by then, you have long since become an addict.

Despite the invincible feeling, your body on meth is anything but. As you can see from the photo above.

Anyone with kids or other family members or friends who are likely to be offered drugs of any sort has to be aware of what drugs are out there – what’s most available, what’s popular, how much it costs, how easy it is to get, where you get it, and so on.

You don’t want to take a chance on someone you care about getting into any drugs – but meth is near the top of the list of the most dangerous.

If you know someone who needs help with drugs – including you – call us. We’ll help you find the help you need.

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